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Fiction: The Truth Between Friends - Part 2

Fiction: The Truth Between Friends - Part 2

“He caught you doing what?!?”

“Fucking another man.”

“Ok. So tell me the entire story, from the beginning! How in the hell did you get caught up?”

9 months ago…

Well, he is short, shorter than the normal guys I date, I thought.

What he lacked in height he made up for in the face. He is fine and I am just ready to fuck. First date sex lets me know if I want to continue. Not that I do this with everyone. But sometimes you just know. I met Alex through a mutual friend about two months ago. After months of texting back and forth, facetiming, and long phone calls, we are finally meeting. We have talked about everything under the sun, from past hurts, to our dreams, to how we like sex to which football team is the best to his little girl, Laiyah.

I tell Alex to meet me at my favorite little hookah spot downtown. Alex is wearing a white v neck and some black skinny jeans and some Yeezys. I spot him before he spots me and I wave him over to the table I am sitting at. I stand up and smooth out my navy blue fitted dress and wait for him to reach me. He comes over and gives me a bear hug like he’s known me forever.

“Tasha,” he says excitedly, “it’s nice to finally meet you.”

“I agree. How was your flight?” Alex lived on the west coast and he is in town visiting for a couple of days. I made sure I am in town this weekend. Normally we miss each other because of work trips. I just got back from painting a mural on a restaurant that’s opening in New York. Since my latest dick bae had been removed off the roster, I needed someone else to take his spot. Alex seems to be the perfect candidate. He does not live in Dallas, he has a job, and a big dick.  Him having a daughter didn’t bother me. Besides, he took care of her and was a prominent figure in her life. Oh, yes, I have already seen his dick. I mean what can I say? I like to know what I am getting myself into.

“It was long but good. I got a lot of things accomplished and I set up some meetings here with some potential clients. If I can get my client database up to where the number is back home, I will be here more often.”

“Oh really? That’s dope.” Alex is a web developer and he currently works for some major company on the west coast.  I couldn’t remember the name of his company. But I could tell you exactly what his dick looked like. I really have a problem.

“Did you order food already?” he asks as he looks at the menu.

“No but I did order a round of shots to celebrate this meeting.”

“Oh what did you order? Vodka?”

“Eww no. I ordered Jameson.”

The waitress comes up and places our shots on the table.

“Here’s to a great night.”

“Here’s to a great night.” I say back.

Three appetizers and 4 round of shots later, Alex and I are having an amazing dinner. The Jameson is slowing working its way through my body and I am feeling real lusty and suddenly, I only want this man across from me. I want him in my bed, tasting me.

“So let’s go to my house. We can watch a movie or you can watch me.”

“Is that what you want to do? I would love to watch you.”

“Oh really?” He signals for our waitress to come over, “Can we have the check, this beautiful lady has made me an offer I can’t refuse.”

While Alex paid for the food, I request an Uber.

“You know what, I have a better idea. How about I use one of my connects and just get us a room downtown. I trust you, but I would rather be on my territory in case you are crazy.”

“Ok, Tasha. That works for me. I’m not crazy but you being comfortable is important to me. Besides, I don’t want to be a fly out story on the timeline.”

I laugh and text one of my clients and ask about getting us a room at The W, since it was blocks away.

She texts me back and tells me to come on over to the hotel.

“I am going to cancel the Uber, the hotel is blocks away, we can walk.”

Alex and I walk outside and I finally have a chance to really look at him. He stands about 5’11, with my 4 inch heels on, he still towers over me. But I am only 5’2. He wore a Caesar cut and he had a slut part, I mean a line cut in his head. His skin is the color of mocha and I want to lick every bit of it.

Damnit, that Jameson had me lusty.

Alex and I take the time to walk slowly and explore the couple of blocks to the hotel. In the midst of our walking, he starts to hold my hand. I like the feel of it.

“So how long have you been in Dallas, again?”

“About 6 years. I know we’ve discussed this before. Remember I told you, I am from Atlanta.”

“Oh. Yea you are a southern belle.”

“Belle would be an interesting take on what I am. That’s for sure.”

“So what would you classify yourself as?”

“A Falcon’s fan with an excellent taste in bourbon, dick, and art. That sums me up perfectly.”

He laughs a hearty laugh.

“I wasn’t expecting that. That is one thing I love about you, you speak your mind and don’t care what anyone thinks about it. I hope it rubs off on me. I am very cautious about what I say to people.”

“Why? If you ask me anything, 9 times out of 10, I’m going to say the first thing on my mind.”

“Well that’s good to know. So what do you think about me?”

“That you would look amazing in between my legs.” I watch his face turn to shock as he processes what I said.

“I think that would be an amazing sight, also.”

“I bet you do, but seriously, you are a lot of fun. You don’t give me any creepy vibes so I’m not complaining. From what I researched, you have your life together, you seem to adore your daughter, you aren’t a weirdo. This could be good a thing, if we allow it.”

“What do you mean, you researched me?”

“I had my friend Kescheler research you. I wasn’t about to have you fly all the way out here to see me and you are a psycho. Nope. I’ve read too many stories. I also had her check and see if everything you told me matched up. It did.”

“Wow, I didn’t know girls did that.”

“This woman does. I have too much to lose and again, men are crazy. We see the stories on Twitter everyday.”

“This is true. But women are crazy, also. I had you checked out, too.”

“WOW. You don’t trust me? I’m appalled.” I say jokingly.

“Yes. Everything matched up. I needed to make sure you weren’t a Ring the Alarm type psycho.”

“Wait, did you just make a Beyonce reference? Let’s go get married.”

He laughs at me, stops and then pulls me into a deep kiss.

“How was that for a proposal?”

“That was… yea, let’s hurry and get to this hotel.”

Alex and I walk into The W. My client, Stacey, meets us at the front desk. She gives me a hug and hands me a room key.

“Don’t worry about it. I owe you. That piece you commissioned for the hotel has gotten so many compliments, so I am the talk of the town for recommending you.”

“Thanks, Stacey! I need to talk to you, I have gotten so many requests for new art thanks to you. I have a custom piece for you, for your house. You have made me so much money.”

“Tasha! I would love it! I text you later…” she notices Alex with me “…or maybe not, just text me when you want to figure out details.”

I laugh.

“I will. Alex, this is Stacey. She is the general manager of The W. Stacey, this is Alex. My date for the night.”

They shake hands.

“Well I will leave you two to it. Have fun! Also, if you order some food or something, I will comp it. Enjoy your stay!”

Alex and I head to the elevators.

“She is nice. It must be nice to be this connected.”

“I know you aren’t one to talk! Didn’t one of your clients just fly you out to Paris?!”

“That was for work! And a birthday weekend.”

“Right. ‘Work’.”

Alex pulls me into the elevator.

“What is the floor number?”


We ride the elevator up. I notice Alex checking me out as I send my friends my location. You can never be too careful.

“See something you like?”

“No, but I never noticed how big your forehead is. You could paint a custom piece on there.”

I double over in laughter.

“You got jokes?”
“Wow, Tasha I would never joke about such a sensitive subject. Besides I’m sure all your feelings would pop up on your forehead.”

“Alex, wow. You are hilarious. But no worries, I have jokes, also.”

“I bet you do.” He pulls me over to him and kisses me softly on the lips. “I’ve been wanting to kiss you since the first day we Facetimed. You have such full lips and they are soft.”

“Thank you.” I whisper. The elevator doors open to our floor. We find our room and go in. Stacey hooked us up with a suite that over looked the city. Shit, I will give her two custom pieces. The suite was beautiful.

“Are you hungry, Tasha? Or do you want something to drink?”

“No, I’m fine, but I don’t mind something to drink. Jameson and ginger? Oh and a water.”

“Ok. Let me call down and order that.  Ill order an appetizer, also. You know how you women get when you’re hungry.”

While Alex makes himself busy ordering more food and drinks, I turn some tunes on. I put on my chill mix which included some of my favorite artists at the moment: Ella Mai, H.E.R., Sinead Harnett, Jack Freeman, Sonder. A lot of indie artists who had amazing voices.

Ella Mai starts crooning on about going back and forth with a man on Who Knew. I love her voice and wanted to see her in concert if she ever came to Dallas.

“Who is this? She has a beautiful voice.”

“Ella Mai. She is amazing. Its on my list to see her in concert this year.”

“I can see why. Come sit next to me while we wait on the food and drinks.”

I plop down on the couch next to Alex. He puts my feet in his lap and takes my shoes off.

“oh are you gonna rub on my feet?”

“Definitely not. Besides, your feet stank.”

“I really am sick of you.”

Alex starts to rub on my feet and I throw my head back, his hands are heavenly. He rubs up my feet, to my ankles, to my legs. My body starts to react. I love to be rubbed on.

“Someone is enjoying this. I don’t think you’ve been this quiet since I sat at the table.”

I flick him off and go back to enjoying his heavenly hands.

An Hour later…

Alex and I have finished an entire bottle of Jameson. An order of fries and a burger, as well as a dozen wings.

“Tasha. We are some fat asses.”

“You mean drunk? Because this food is keeping me from being black out drunk.”

“That too. Let’s get in the bed. I want to cuddle.”

I hurriedly take my dress off and drop it to the floor. Jumping in the bed, I watch Alex undress. He takes off each piece of clothing slowly and then folds it up. When he finishes, he has a stack of clothing. With his shoes on the floor right next to it.

“Well, you are a perfectionist.”

“Nah, I just don’t like wrinkled clothing.”

“That’s what the laundry service is for.”

“True, but still. I like to know where all of my stuff is.”

“Oh. So you don’t leave anything behind? Got it. Don’t want to get caught up.”

“Right. My wife takes inventory of all my stuff. She would kill me if I left anything. “

“Same with my husband.”

We both start laughing at the blatant lies.

Alex lays next to me and curves his body into mine. This is a nice feeling.

“Your body isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.” He teases as he strokes up and down my back.

“You have quite the jokes.”

“I know. You like it. Turn toward me.”

I turn toward Alex and he kisses me. The kiss has such passion behind it. I return the favor back. Alex kisses me again and then starts to palm my ass…

…Present Day…

“So you fucked him on the first date?! Nothing out of the normal there. I’ve heard this part before.”

“Whore. You wanted the entire story, so here we are. You need to know all of it so you can understand how I got caught up.”

“Yea. You are correct. How in the hell did you get caught up? Wait. Hold on, I have to pee. Your god child is sitting on my bladder.”

Amber goes to the bathroom and I check my phone.  Alex hasn’t returned any of my calls or texts. I notice an unfamiliar number left me a voicemail.

“Hi, Ms. Meyer! We were just calling to confirm your appointment for next week. Please call us back at 713-555-9669 to confirm. Thank you, have a great day!”

I have to get rid of this baby. Damn, how did I let it get this bad?

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