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Twisted: A Poem Series

Twisted: A Poem Series

Part I: Thinking About You

Thinking about you

wherever you are

whether you are

in his arms or in her bed.

It makes no difference.

I hope you can feel my love

on your way home

I hope it holds you close

keeps you warm

a lullaby storm

as you drift to sleep.

Part II: Pretend

Pretend to love me

like it’s new

like you don’t know

what I’ve been through

Caress my mask

kiss my face,

my lips

like you enjoy the taste.

Tell me that I’m all you need

maybe even

make me believe.

If nothing else, I plead to you

pretend to love me

like it’s new.

Part III: Just About Whatever

Dress up for you

Break down for you

Plan for you

Be a man, for you.

Cry for you

Fly to you

Cook for you

Write a book for you.

Walk through hell for you

Always ride for you

Push all of my feelings

to the side for you

Hide, I’m shy for you

I would dream for you

Believe, for you

Make love to you

Raise a child with you

Stay awhile with you

I’d do just about whatever

You want me to.

Part IV: Twisted

I think I have a lot of feelings

twisted up in you

I say I think

because I don’t know

but I felt them pull and catch

the last time we were close.

I’m not sure they’re worth unraveling

a multi-colored ball of yarn

soggy with tears

maybe I should just let go

I should probably just let go

I don’t think you’re twisted

It’s just that

I’m twisted up in you

I catch a thread and pull

and pull

and pull

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