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Poetry: Undefined

Poetry: Undefined

Closed caption for those who lack understanding. 

My black skin comes in many hues and my passion can't be painted another way.

Today I have come forward to tell you that the obelisk you think I came from don't exist. 

I was fed bullshit in the literal and figurative sense. 

But since I've been reading more of these chapters on blackness I can recognize your tricks. 

How we pit ourselves against each other, but the seed suffers and the fruit we bare is no longer delicious, this isn't me playing the victim this is how I become the victor. 

My words come across as vitriol to smiling faces but the reality is that you made me this way I didn't ask for this.

My roots are planted deep in the immaculate, mother earth birthed my ways and you salted the ground that was laid down for me to be worshipped. 

A intricate wordsmith blessed with the phraseology to break walls I come across this way because of the bridges you burned then told me to swim.

I was land locked into mental slavery, daily told I wasn't shit but take a sniff of my new bouquet. 

Today, I didn't come to play, you gave me the descriptor nigger, I flipped the role and made it positive over provocative but you still no longer allowed to say that shit. 

My eyes wide open I don't play that shit, but the kids are left to drink the poisonous blood that sifts through our veins so the pain we felt is inherited. 

Song and dance is of our spirit but we transformed that to your merriment, and are paid a fraction of our inheritance off of our heritage. 

You bred us as live stock until our sports stock rose about the rims and backboards like Manigault and slammed down into dollars and cents.

We ran so fast trying to escape the lash of the whip that we broke records in our efforts and left Athens into ashes. 

Now we're thoroughbreds crashing our bodies into each other while you foam at the mouth, this is bread and circuses. 

Not to worry, you don't acknowledge our scholarship, bother with our prominence dominant state of mind that brought the world it's math and sciences.

Mysteries of the pyramids guided by celestial bodies, secrets of the Annunaki, awakening of your consciousness. 

I don't expect you to understand but to lump us all into one group while denying the truth only hinders our progress so now begins the healing process.

Undefined, that's why Malcolm was X, the unknown variable but that didn't mean it lacked importance. 

Undefined, not clear, I'm here to kill all misconception that all we are is cannon fodder or devoid of fathers. 

Undefined, you can't control us no more we will find our swords and cut down the head of true oppression and your obsession over power. 

This world is ours and sooner or later the favor of the creator will be in our hands and your world will become a crater. 


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