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Verses: Cranes in the Sky - Solange

Verses: Cranes in the Sky - Solange

I never understood the reasoning behind first day album reviews. While most people run to social media in droves to give their opinions on the latest album, song, or mixtape; I personally enjoy letting the music breathe a bit. I finally got around to listening to A Seat At The Table from Solange and instantly fell in love with track number 4, Cranes in The Sky and decided to dedicate this edition of "Verses" to this song.

I tried to drink it away

I tried to put one in the air

I tried to dance it away

I tried to change it with my hair

I ran my credit card bill up

Thought a new dress would make it better

I tried to work it away

But that just made me even sadder

I tried to keep myself busy

I ran around in circles

Think I made myself dizzy

I slept it away, I sexed it away

I read it away

I love this self-explanation of how Solange tried to cope with pain. Much too often we as a people try and fail to self medicate when faced with deep-rooted issues. It is the bane of a Black man or woman's existence to try to "fix" ourselves by shopping, drinking, spending or even sexing our issues into oblivion. Instead we compound these issues pushing us further down into depression instead of seeking the help we so desperately need. Although her words sound very personal, I found it easy to relate with as we have all attempted to get away. (away, away, away)

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