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I'm Voluntarily A Jets Fan: 2016 Week 1

I'm Voluntarily A Jets Fan: 2016 Week 1

That was the easiest I’ve taken a frustrating loss in about a decade. It also helps that I was so fuckin drunk that I really don’t remember much of what happened from the second Q of the game through the end of the evening. That is just about enough about my eventful Sunday. Onto the game and I will start off by saying this for all the insufferable people who love to play the “What about him? What about you? What about us? What we gon’ do?” card like a member of Total. This was a team loss. Bad coaching, bad tackling, a lack of adjustments, untimely drops, bad QB play and Nick Folk point shaving all contributed. Nick Folk was as big a culprit as any, and you knew a one point loss was a real possibility once he missed an extra point.

That said, only one of those guys is a shitty excuse of a veteran QB who consistently holds his offensive coordinator hostage every week because he has no arm and is remarkably football stupid even after a decade in the league. Only one of those stared the Jets down for the almighty dollar (amazing that our beat criticized Revis for doing the same thing… first ballot HOFer Revis), came to camp late and has looked even worse than he usually does. Only one of those guys put up a pathetic sub 200 yard passing game on 35 fucking attempts with the Bengals without arguably their most important defensive player. 189 yards on 35 passing attempts with Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Matt Forte, and Quincy Enunwa as your support is mind numbingly pathetic. He was 11-12 on throws behind the line of scrimmage and 8-23 on anything else. He, in line with the rest of his bullshit ass career, was pathetic. I wonder when the next arrogant soundbite is going to come from him. He’s good at those dismissive, arrogant remarks on the quiet. Too bad he isn’t good at the game that gives him the platform to be as fuckin arrogant as he is.

There were some positives about this game. Watching Quincy Enunwa run with the football is so fun. My favorite thing about Chan Gailey’s tenure thus far is how he’s put this guy in a position to succeed. He caught 7 of 8 targets for 54 yards and a TD on one of those patented Jets pick plays that they’ve run a lot on the goalline the last season and change.

I love Darrelle Revis. He’s easily my favorite Jet of all time. Watching him against these young dynamo wide receivers has been tough for me because the slippage in his play is evident. I don’t think it was *as* bad as people are making it out to be. There were several instances where Revis was draped on Green just for him to do some AJ Green level shit. Despite that, he played the worst game I’ve ever seen him play and the Jets didn’t sign him to a 70 million dollar contract for him to be a whipping boy for opposing QBs/#1 WRs. I’m fairly confident he won’t be that bad all year so at least that’s a good thing?

The Jets were without Sheldon Richardson and their defensive line put on one of the best performances I’ve ever seen from a Jets defensive line. On the positive side, the Jets defensive line was monstrous. Steve McLendon finished with 5 tackles and 2 sacks. Leonard Williams was in the backfield all day as he finished with 5 hits on Andy Dalton and 2.5 sacks. Muhammad Wilkerson also contributed 1.5 sacks of his own. It felt like the defensive line was playing whack a mole with Dalton for the majority of the game. To his credit, he stood in there and delivered some key throws despite the abuse he took for the majority of the game. The Bengals didn’t run the ball particularly well but they didn’t need to as the Jets secondary gave them everything they wanted. The defensive line may end up making the secondary a moot point but not if Todd Bowles is going to continue being stubborn as hell while simultaneously trusting his defense too much. How many coaches have had this problem with the Jets? It feels like all of them have.

Bowles gets on my nerves. First of all, how many slip screens were the Bengals going to run before any kind of adjustment was made? Between the lack of adjustments and the pathetic “effort” on the tackling by the Jets defensive backs, it felt like every single screen the Bengals threw went for at least five yards. Isn’t Bowles supposed to be some impressive defensive mastermind? The last two games he’s coached he’s been killed by the same shit repeatedly only the team to never figure out how to stop it. Buffalo threw about 55 short passes in the week 17 game last season and Bowles also decided it was a good idea to play Stevan Ridley over Chris Ivory that day.

The coaching decision that pissed me off the most had nothing to do with the defense though. Down 20-19 with 2 minutes left with 3rd and 3 on the eight-yard line, the Jets decided to run and settle for the field goal. First of all, the Jets defense had nothing for the Bengals for like the last 16 or so minutes of game time. Second of all, Todd Bowles has been up Ryan Fitzpatrick’s ass for a whole fucking calendar year. They practically threw a party when his bum ass decided he was going to rob another professional team of 12 million dollars. Everybody loves Ryan. But on third and three from the fucking eight-yard line, you run? You have your prized quarterback back in the fold. The chemistry, the intangibles, the leadership, the beard and FRANCHISE RECORDZZZZZ are what I’ve heard all fuckin summer from people within the organization; our bullshit ass beat writers and the fans. Then you do that and put your trust in the defense, which hasn’t stopped a slip screen since November 2015 to stop Cincinnati from getting any points with two whole ass fucking minutes on the clock.

I want to like Todd Bowles. He seems like a decent human and he’s a black man coaching my favorite professional sports team. It would be dope if he was good. All I see is the same old stubborn and slow to adapt bullshit that I’ve seen for my entire life. And after the constant talking up of Ryan Fitzpatrick, to run on 3rd and 3 from the 8 means any combination of the following:

A)Bowles realizes Fitzpatrick isn’t good. (This is the same guy who took TEN weeks to bench Demario Davis and told us his coverage wasn’t an issue. I doubt it’s this. And he has his head so far up Fitzpatrick’s ass he can probably moisturize his beard. )

B) His coaching style is amazingly conservative. (Playing for the lead rather than the win is somewhere in the first page of the defensive head coach manual).

C) He has too much trust in his defense

From week one of last year to week one of this year, what has changed about Bowles? And how many stubborn coaches who don’t adapt well have had long, fruitful coaching careers? I realize how subjective that second question is but Bowles can kick rocks at this current moment. The good thing is, maybe Bowles will realize that this isn’t 2010 Revis by the time the 2017 season rolls around. If he hasn’t realized it by now when will he? The self-evaluation aspect of this team has always been a problem and continues to be so. You, I and Stevie Wonder can see that Revis isn’t equipped to deal with these young, elite, fast WRs one on one anymore. Todd Bowles? No. He somehow hasn’t realized this and #1 wide receivers continue to rip his prized defense apart regardless of Revis’ presence in the lineup.

The Jets should still be an ok team this year. However, the margin of for a team that has a bottom seven quarterback and a hellacious schedule is thin. Tossing a winnable game away against a shorthanded team probably wasn’t the start they needed. And with that, they head to Buffalo to play Ryan Fitzpatrick’s daddy, Rex Ryan. Oh joy.

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