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Wally's Words: Withdrawal - a poem

Wally's Words: Withdrawal - a poem

So it just hit me

Why I feel the way I do when you aren’t with me

Or why I act like it’s more than what it seems

Because we are now what I’ve once seen in dreams

Minus the lavish trips and diamond rings

Sailing the Mediterranean to escape the spring

Or any of the outlandish acts my mind be conjuring

But the pure feeling

That I’m sure you’re feeling

When our lips are this close

Especially when you’re willing

Yea you fight

Tease even

You bite my lip

I kiss yours

Now we’re even

Back to the rush I feel

Whenever in your presence

It’s like a gift you give

I call it your presents

Don’t know how to describe when that air is filling me

But something you do brings me to tranquility


Damn near comatose

High as an addict

But you know this tho

So when you leave

And even tho the feelings loyal

I still feel a sudden shock

And fall into withdrawal

Shakes starts

Palms sweat

Heart beat rapids until you’re in my arms next

I like the high

So there will be no twelve steps

New Beginnings...

New Beginnings...

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