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War On Your Mind - a poem

War On Your Mind - a poem

You see I've been troubled these past few years

While my mind races on the end of our existence I'm alive to bear witness the future falling of our kingdom.

They put a black man in office and even though we love him the nation showed they didn't love us.

I don't have trust in the ballot, but I know the power of the bullet the words of Malcolm echoes in my eardrum.

All I see now is people telling me how to think, as if these sleepless nights of horrible thoughts weren't enough.

I'm being told the food isn't safe to eat, the water isn't safe to drink, and all that did was leave my eyes open I'm feeling like it ain't safe to blink.

Our enemies parade Martin in front of us to try to maintain peace but those people left him dead on the balcony and our children's blood in the streets.

There is a war on your mind and our enemies either look different or look just like you. Our women aren't afraid to hate us in public and our brothers aren't scared to snipe you, the devil must love it.

Our father's hate our mothers we've been divided and conquered effectively but what effects me is that even when we see it, we don't care.

We know the enemies out there but we are so deeply rooted in love and sharing our culture with the world that nothing about being black is sacred, I hate it!

The rhythm of our bodies, our tantric drums, our melodies, our history, talents, and gifts never granted us bipartisanship.

We were split apart by the red and blue way before gang violence, and hung while we wore dress shoes and ties so I never change my mind before I grab that black hoodie and walk outside.

I look a cop dead in the eye and smile because living in fear is by design and once they know they can destroy your flesh and never your spirit they assault your mind.

Which is why you can see repeated images over and over of us being gunned down and choked out because before we can organize they are quick to remind that they can castrate our lives.

It's all a plan to keep us in check because as a people we pose the biggest threat 400 plus years of captivity and we ain't dead yet.

We still are defiant and our nature is contagious which is why they continue to cage us and display us.

Stay away from us if you want to survive, I know we look cool but there is deeper pain on this side and that's why, they can borrow our way of life, pick it up then set it aside.

Truth be told I don't know how this story ends but it won't be in genocide. We stand up when they tell us to sit down and when they want peace we must fight.

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