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Hair to The Throne

Hair to The Throne

Meet my long time friend Sam aka @Weavvy_ on Twitter aka Cheeks Drugs (named by yours truly)

As if the @ didn't say enough, everybody knows by now that she's been an advocate for the ladies to embrace weave by the bundles; and now she's here to provide insight and help on getting the best quality possible.

To be seen as "of the people", in any endeavor, warrants the opinion of said people to give a certain level of validity. Take a look at some of the responses she received upon posting the review and pictures with the virgin hair on display.

She also obliged when I reached out to get a little more information about her line and the inspiration behind it.

Mariano: Is there one area in particular, be it quality or customer service, that you feel distinguishes you from any other entity in this field?

Samantha: I believe the way I interact with the people separates me the most, the quality of my hair is just a plus. I love making women feel good and making them feel like they can come to me for any questions or advice.

M: In the review video you made mention of the vendor letting the hair "sun dry". I'm far from familiar with hair talk lol, but that stood out because I think details like that are important; why is sun drying hair the best method?

S: I figured someone would ask LOL but sun drying is a method they use in India to dry the hair. After they shampoo and condition they sit the hair on the roofs to dry all the way. We just air-dry the hair which is basically the same thing minus the sun.

M: Aside from hair being your passion, does having a daughter of your own fuel your aspirations to become more business oriented & help women even more?

S: Yes! It plays a huge factor. I want to set a great example for my children and for other young girls who want to be successful in life. We live in a world where women feel like we can't come together as a team and help each other and I'm striving to change that.

M: Did your disdain for the scamming involved in purchasing hair online influence your decision to start the line?

S: I want to say I witnessed someone first hand pull the scamming move and that's what really pushed me. I've been buying hair online for years & you're basically taking a risk with your money every time you buy anything online. To actually witness someone I know pull that move made me really wanna put an end to the lies and educate the women more about this happening.

M: Long term, do you see yourself focusing all effort and resources solely on hair; or is there a desire to branch out into makeup, nail care, etc?

S: Yes of course I want to do it all; from hair products to classes on starting your own business because it's truly an honor to do this. I don't do this for an income I do this because I enjoy making others happy. Trust me, my rollercoaster doesn't stop here!

The video below is a review of the hair she purchased, tips on how to spot fraudulent virgin hair, and more. Also check out some of the comments from ladies checking for Sam. Enjoy.

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