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RESPECT: Wesley Snipes

RESPECT: Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes was one of the top dogs in Hollywood, as an superior material artist and actor, but he doesn't get the respect he deserves, why?, who knows. The man's category in film is underrated, to playing notorious drug lord Nino Brown, to making one of the most underrated Marvel comic characters an icon today, Blade. Wesley is just more than your typical action star ala Steven Segal, Jean Claude Van-Damne etc., and that's no disrespect to them cause those guy were cool too but Snipes can really act his ass off, you had actors like Martin Lawrence reenacting a scene from New Jack City in his famous Suspicious Minds episode about the stolen cd player and shouting him out in Bad Boys, Michael Jackson even had him as his rival in the Bad short film/video, which was directed by the great Martin Scorsese by the way.

In my opinion if it wasn't for guys like Jim Kelly (Black Belt Jones, Enter The Dragon etc.) there wouldn't be a Wesley Snipes or Michael Jai White, and that's excellent cause Jim Kelly is that nigga, and his legacy will live on and may he rest in peace. Snipes has had some hit movies and just like everyone else some duds but more hits, the only weird move I wasn't feeling from Wesley was the To Wong Foo.... movie, his black ass dressed up in drag was disturbing to see and not funny, but that's Hollywood for you I guess. Aside from that Wesley's film list up to 2005 is entertaining, the only con that stopped him was the tax invasion mess, and that wasn't his fault, the accountant did what Shady accountants usually do and that's taking the money without handling business. 

In 2004 Wesley was also frustrated while filming Blade Trinity, and from what the story explains you can't blame him, from smoking weed on set to almost choking the director and calling him a racist, the movie is about Blade not Blade and 2 watered down sidekicks getting more screen time than him, hell they even killed Whistler off, makes no damn sense. After watching him make a comeback and kick ass in Expendables 3 in 2014, Marvel has to get Snipes back in the Blade suit for more stories, whether it's adding him in the MCU (which they did get the rights back for) or a TV-MA Netflix series like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and soon to come Luke Cage and The Punisher, yes Marvel BRING BACK WESLEY SNIPES AS BLADE. If you still think Wesley doesn't deserve the respect in acting and think he's just another martial artist Hollywood star, let's look at a list of key films of his career that will MAKE you change your damn mind.

• Mo Better Blues - Wesley wasn't even big time yet and got to share the screen with Denzel Washington playing musical instruments directed by Spike Lee, that's how you know you already made it.

• King Of New York - Underrated crime thriller 

• New Jack City - He smoked this Nino Brown role, if Wesley did this movie in this day of age, he would have won that Oscar or at least be nominated. 

• White Men Can't Jumps - One of the best basketball movies ever made

• Passenger 57 - Whooping ass on a airplane, can't get no better than that.

• Boiling Point - Another cool cop film

• Rising Sun - Sharing the screen with Sean Connery

• Demolition Man - Wesley was crazy as hell taking on Sylvester Stallone, classic movie

• Sugar Hill - Just watch it

• Money Train - The man was salsa dancing with J. Lo and GTD (Martin reference) and pulled off a heist he wasn't supposed to do

• The Fan

• Murder at 1600

• One Night Stand

• U. S. Marshals

• Blade - The Daywalker, to be honest this movie changed the game for comic book films but nobody will admit that, especially rated R comic films.

• The Art Of War

• Blade 2 - One of the best sequels to a movie in the action genre, not to mention in Marvel comics

• Undisputed - Very underrated boxing film

• Blade Trinity - Yes this was a letdown but the unrated version is watchable, Blade vs Dracula aka Drake (yes that was his name in the movie) was the ultimate match-up but it just wasn't done right, hopefully Blade 4 or a Netflix series does that right.

• Brooklyn's Finest - Wesley sort of had a small role but it was cool, as another drug lord, I feel he should've been the main key to the movie 

• Expendables 3 - Wesley was back kicking ass like he never left, hope he returns for Ex4

After this list of films I just gave you yes you should respect Wesley Snipes, and this ain't even the full list, these are key important movies, do yourself a favor and sit back and watch these films if you ain't got shit else going for you, preferably on a Sunday afternoon when it's raining, thank you Wesley Snipes. 

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