Far from timid • Caveat Lector

What is Aleppo?

What is Aleppo?

What is Aleppo?

 The people asked

Nobody knew

 Nobody cared

It didn't affect their lives

 It didn't matter

Where is the world?

The children of Aleppo asked

Why have they abandoned us?

Why do they not care?

Why have they left us here?

Murdered in the streets

Burned alive by ruthless savages

Where are the children of Adam?

Our brothers & sisters in this world

Where were we when Aleppo burned?

Why did we not speak on it?

Why did we turn a blind eye?

Children burned alive by chemical weapons

Families torn apart by the actions of a detached maniac

We said we would be different

Wouldn't allow the tragedies of the past to occur in our time

It's our time now, and this tragedy rivals those of the past

Are we liars?

Did we lie to ourselves?

Why did we keep silent?

Why didn't those children matter?

Why didn't their parents matter?

Why did we not care?

Why were we not there?

"The Conversation"

"The Conversation"

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