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Wishful Thinking...

Wishful Thinking...

I’m just trying to figure out the difference. The difference between a real relationship and whatever the hell “this” is.

She has the heart that’s too big and a love that’s too strong. She’s always sure to do you right; yet you only seem to do wrong.

It’s gone on for far too long.

You never say it with your actions but you claim that you love her. You won’t hold up your end of the deal but won’t let her get it from another.

This was not made for drama or cheap thrills. She has a soul so electrifying with love so intense it gives you chills.

She is the real deal.

At times I can’t help but to wonder how a man can always want fresh milk yet never want to buy the whole cow.

So foul.

How about you move over? Take that unnecessary stress off of that beautiful woman’s shoulder.

Don’t continuously eat the fruit of her labor then act as if it’s you who’s doing her a favor.

Don’t be so selfish. You make it seem as if she’s the one who’s needy meanwhile you’re the one who’s helpless.

I hope your daughters don’t catch hell for this.

It’s best that you break the cycle. We both know that it’s only a matter of time before they meet a man who is just like you.

At that point, I hope you’re ready to explain how you treated good girls like them exactly the same.

It’s such a shame.

Why put undeserving people people through the intentional pain?

Fucking lame.

One day your good girl will get fed up and flip the table. No hug, kisses or clever words will be able to save you.

She will no longer care about that so-called survivor’s guilt. You destroyed the table that she alone had built.

I hope when the next girl comes around you start to understand how to leave that little boy shit alone and become a real man.

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