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Fiction Series: Playing With Fire - Chapter 3

Fiction Series: Playing With Fire - Chapter 3


“Novia… Novia…” Nuri’s voice gets louder as he moves closer to the door. He knocks twice before pushing the library door open. “I knew I’d find you in here.”

I wipe the tears from my eyes before turning to face him. “It’s my favorite room in your house. I still can’t get over the book collection. You have all of my favorites…” I let a faint smile cross my face. 

Nuri sits in the chair next to me. “Novia, this is your home, too. I want you to feel like you belong here.”

I smile again. This time it’s a little less forced. “You always know what to say.” He takes the book I’m holding from my hands and looks it over, “Heaven’s Dew?” 

 “Yeah, I just picked up the first one that caught my eye.” Nuri places the book on the table and reaches for my hand. “Come here.” As I stand my silk robe falls to the floor. I pull it open exposing my legs. Nuri runs his hands up my sides as I straddle him. I free his hair from his usual bun and wrap my hands in his curls. “What did you do today?”

He lets out a soft moan as I begin to grind my hips into him, releasing his hair to massage his temple. “I spent my day thinking about you, thinking about this.”

A light laugh escapes as I tease his lips with mine. I use my right hand to unbutton his pants and wrap my left around his neck, “Did you?”

He bites my bottom lip. “I did.” His head falls back as I begin to stroke him in slow, upward motions. His hands press down on my ass in an attempt to close the small space between us. I dig my nails into his neck, bracing myself as I spread my legs and lower myself onto him. We moan in unison as I adjust granting him deeper access. “Shit. Novia.” He whispers. I hold myself back from biting his forehead as I find my rhythm. 

He kisses me deeply as he stands. I wrap my legs around his waist, my hands still wrapped around his neck. My nails leaving their marks as he moves me. He sets me down on one of the desks. “Be a good girl and turn over for me.” I flip onto my stomach so that I’m facing one of his bookcases. He enters me harshly, pulling my hair and sending me up on my tiptoes. I can hardly catch my breath with each thrust. He presses my head down into the desk never letting go of my hair or breaking his rhythm. 


I can’t see Novia’s face but I know it’s her. Her hair, her body,… her soft moans… I cringe. I blink back tears. She says his name and he smiles at me. This motherfucker slammed Novia’s head down into a desk and smiled into the camera. 

 “Nigga, what the fuck is this shit?” I end the cast from my phone to the television. My little brother laughs. “Nigga, did I interrupt? Should I come back?” 

I turn around to see him standing there with his hands raised. “Fuck you, Mario! What took you so long to get here?” He laughs and continues towards me. “Nigga, I had to finish counting. What’s up?” He jumps over the back of the couch and falls into it.

 “You remember that shit I told you about… with Novia?”

 He gives me a blank expression. “Nigga, you talk about it every day.” 

  “This is serious.”

  “What’s up? She pregnant? These bitches always pregnant when you tell they ass you done with ‘em.” 

 “Nah, she ain’t pregnant.” 

 “Damn, did she steal some shit? I told you that classy, school shit wasn’t real.”

 “What the fuck? Nigga, shut up and listen.” I tell my brother about Nuri’s call, the video and what he’s asking me to do. “So, I have to figure this shit out.”

 Mario is leaning forward in his seat scratching his head. “You telling me… of all the motherfuckers this bitch could’ve got fucked by… she fucking our connect?”

 “Don’t talk about her like that.”

  “Fuck you mean? She out here fucking around! That’s facts.” He throws his hands up.

I shake my head. I can’t argue with him. 

 “I say we mourn her ass and keep the peace. She brought it on…”

 Mario is interrupted by his twin, Miguel, “I came as soon as I could. What’s going on?”

My phone rings. I point at Mario. “Catch him up while I get this.” I step into the hallway. “Hello?”

 “You should have received a gift. What did you think of the---” Nuri.

I cut him off. “What the fuck is wrong with you? I---“

 “So, you didn’t like the bourbon then?” I can hear the amusement in his voice.

  “Listen. I’m talking to my brothers. I’ll have your answer within the hour.” I hang up and go back in to my brothers. 

 “Rique, this could fuck up our entire operation. I don’t know about this…” Miguel shakes his head as he looks at me.

 “I’m telling y’all. We mourn her. That’s the only real option.” Mario looks at his phone seemingly unbothered by how serious the situation is.

  “Fifteen years.” I turn my back to my brothers throwing my phone into the wall as I go. My phone shatters. I’m wearing my anger. My brothers look at me with concern. My voice is low now. “Fifteen fucking years! I’m getting her out of his house with or without y’all.”

After a moment, Miguel responds. “You know I’m not letting you ride by yourself.” He looks over at his twin. 

Mario rolls his eyes. “Man, if our money gets fucked up over this bitch I’m killing her myself.” He looks from me to Miguel. “What? We gone make a plan or y’all gone sit here looking at me?”

I lean back on the wall. “I already know what we have to do.” 

"What you thinking?" Miguel questions.

"I gotta call Big Pax."

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