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Wally's Words: Acceptance of Love - a poem

Wally's Words: Acceptance of Love - a poem

While you’re counting calories

And laps around the gym

I’m counting how many times today

I’ve tried to make you grin

While you’re worried about all the different

Ways to tease and style your hair

I’m with you in the mirror

Locked in a hypnotizing stare

You think you’re fat

I think you’re fine

You think I’m crazy

Love’s not blind

Cuz I can clearly see

The artistry God used with your Design

Every stroke of His mighty Pen

Paints the masterpiece that you are blessed with

While True beauty shines from within

His work is what you’re left with

That is

A smile, bright enough to illuminate the seven seas

Lips that produce kisses

As refreshing as summer breeze

A laugh so melodic birds chirp to keep your tune

Never has a rose been this majestic while she blooms

The natural scent of your essence

Rival frankincense and Myrrh

So much your presence is a present

Direct from heaven sent to earth

Once the insecurities erode

And you think you see what was once hidden

It will be clear to you

That this is what

I’ve seen

From the


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