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Wally's Words: Wordplay

Wally's Words: Wordplay

I don't think you understand how devilish good it feels to have you on the tip of my pen

Call it poetic justice

But the poems don't fully serve you justice

They leave you hanging

Wanting more

So I play on that

The strokes of my pen

Strike a cord inside of you

The strumming of that cord while you read me

Vibrates throughout and warms your entire body

I know this

I smirk when I write sentences that I know will take control of you

I pull that cord

You get aroused

I twist the mood in my words

You twist in your chair

I fuel the work with intense climatic acts

You try to not climax at work

He kisses her

Your mouth waters

With that grab she exhaled deeply

You hold your breath

I pen

You squeeze

I write till you have nothing left

Then I let you rest

Writing in private

Waiting till you've almost recovered

Then press metaphors similarities and prepositions against you

Hold you close so you can feel the plot thicken

I would sit there and watch my words fuck you speechless

Jot down every letter you attempt to let escape your lips

I would send lust first

To lick you laterally leaving little left out

Pick Passion to pacify your pleasures placing pressure on that pussy

Command Cum to collect your clit lick in circles till you convulse

Designate the D to dominate with Doggy digging to deliver devastatingly

Truly fuck you with my words it's ok to collect yourself now I'm sure you need to

Let my words run wild

Then lay down beside


Make "U" -> "Mine"

Photo Series: 92 Bricks - 28th Brick

Photo Series: 92 Bricks - 28th Brick

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