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Wally's Words: Are The God's Listening?

Wally's Words: Are The God's Listening?

I'm not sure if I should call 

Or text you just to be left on read 

Perhaps a prayer is better 

Fitting I come to you on my knees 

We’re accustomed to you cumming with me in this position 

Yet here I am 

Begging for forgiveness 

My trespasses abandoned me 

Sinful fruits rotting away inside of me 

All because I ignored your commands

My taste too expensive for what I could pay back 

Bartered my soul for credit 

Sly deals under the table in hopes you wouldn't find out 

But you see all 

You provide light 

And I thought I could operate in the shadows 

Outside the reach of your reign

 Hell hath no fury 

Well hell is a powder puffed dream room 

Compared to the cold dark reality of living without you 

While other souls pass on 

I'm stuck reliving the acts that displaced me 

Wandering with demons roaming 

If they ate death they would leave me 

Dying would be too easy 

However through you there's salvation 

I can finally ascend 

You've showed me God before

If it's in your will for me to be holy once more 

Let it be  

I am at your mercy

But my prayers fall on deaf ears 

The almighty has been disturbed 

Although cold is the world of a heathen 

I will forever seek your warmth 

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