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Wally's Words: Encounter

Wally's Words: Encounter

Unbuttoned White uniqlo Oxford shirt Reeking of YSL and after-shave paired with Blue Hanes boxer briefs that hug ever curve from her waist to her thighs

The word Nikon tattoos her bare chest as the slr orbits between her breasts

Images attack her mind if the last encounter

Champagne tunnels down her throat washing back the remains of raspberries and fine cheeses

She rubs the side of her face where the strings of a velvet mask trapped her visual

By now all of her senses heighten

Nature begins to take its course

Those once sky blue boxers develop navy spots as her vagina moistens

The fine hairs all over her body stand at attention as if ordered by some lustful Drill Sargent

Legs begin to tremble and a surge of pleasure rushes over her as she desperately resists the urge to touch herself

For there are rules, Stipulations

He will only come as she approaches her climax

However the feeling becomes unbearable and although she shouldn’t she begins to fondle her breasts

Uproots the camera from around her neck and with both hands firmly massages herself thru the button up her hands navigate south caressing and squeezing

As she reaches into the boxer to confront her already marinated

Vagina almost simultaneously a hand stops gets while two lips plant on her neck

The word “No” has been softly whispered into her right ear but it sends orgasmic shock waves throughout her body

He has returned!

A sexy smirk streaks across her face as his arms appear to pull her closer

The gap between her legs increases his thighs push against hers creating his path

In one swift motion the now navy soaked boxers are removed

She can almost look into his eyes

A thunderous Moan sounds as she feels him materializing Inside of her already erect

It is only when she is in reach of a climax will he appear

To help expedite her pleasure

Now fully in human form the ghost of her Fallen lover continues to explore her body

As she nears convulsion she is reminded by every kiss

Of a time where there were no rules

No stipulations for loving making just them

And the seemingly lifelong bond they made in passion

A love so real not even death could keep these two apart

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