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Wally's Words: A Dream

Wally's Words: A Dream

For long your deep dark skin has haunted my dreams

Snippets of us making love replace REM

Imaginary taste tests hold my days hostage

Sitting around visualizing our passion pumping blush into your face

As I massage your thighs with mine

Beard hairs whisking against your smooth skin

Sending your spine in a curl that defies modern physics

Your physique leaves me in awe

Chocolate for as far as my eyes can see

And my lips can taste

Thick rich and creamy

Each curve more flavorful than the last

Eyes closed

Teeth clenched down on my lips

Savoring the remnants of your perceived taste

I don't know if I'm neurologically ready for the real thing

Your oxytocins plaster my cerebral

My mind soaked with your love

Your actual touch may short-circuit my entire existence

So for now

I dream!

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