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Wally's Words: Keep Fighting!

Wally's Words: Keep Fighting!

Just know that I see you

I know the road you walk

I used to be you

My plight is to free you

You're not alone on this journey

Nor do you fight by yourself

However the will to fight is all yours

Many are familiar with the sleepless nights

Suicidal thoughts and closed doors

Detrimental remarks, abuse and poor parenting

The sweats, the nerves, the pain the panicking

The ability to harness numbness as a means of protection

The habit of isolation and resorting to deflection

The ghastly aura of being lost searching for direction

The fear of betrayal from anyone that you let in

The knife under your pillow

The pills in your cabinet

The feelings of reckless abandon

The questions of why is this happening

The loss of faith and huge shadows of doubt

Through it all I urge you to pray and battle it out

For you are not alone

That cave in your mind you crawl into to find peace

Check the walls we've all signed it

Words of encouragement

Written large so you would find it

Before you

We all endured

We all struggled

But we succeeded

Let our pain be the recipe to your salvation

We've left you everything you needed

When the walls begin to close

And your arms can no longer bear

Look deep into your heart

We will forever be there

Holding up the weight of your world

So you can see it through

Because the day will one day come

That advice comes from you

Paid In Full: Wood Harris

Paid In Full: Wood Harris

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