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Your Friend - a poem

Your Friend - a poem

I made love to your friend, I would say

I fucked him but the way my life is set up

I only make love, I don’t know what fucking is, so

Whatever he needed

In that moment

I gave to him

Because a healer is healer 24/7

I don’t get to decide when that ends, I

Enjoyed it, too

He gave me all of him, I

Thought for a moment that

Maybe it was the jack, the champagne, the Jameson but

He, made me see parts of the universe I

Don’t think I’ll ever see again, so it’d

Probably be best

If you don’t mention him


Because I choose you but

Parts of me, the most

Priceless parts

Every now and then, they, okay, she…

Chooses him

She doesn’t mean to but your loyalty is kind of flaky so

Like a lioness before the sun rises she goes where

Her innate desire is never tamed

And he receives her

Every time

In every way and

She has him

Leaves the remains for you to

Take, because even though I roam

I want you to stay so

I’ll continue to nurture you but

You need to know that


Goes both ways

You don’t get to fuck who you want and

Expect me to not do the same

This time, it was your friend

Next time, who’s to say?

I’m not the kind of woman

Who stands around screaming, “Pick me!”

Who I am is enough

To attract the best to me

So do what you will but

Tread carefully

You can have the world

Or you can settle

Either way

My love won't be tamed

I can give it all to you or

I can give it away

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