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Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums of 2016 by @ACaseOnline

Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums of 2016 by @ACaseOnline

2015 wasn't a bad year for Hip Hop; no seriously, it really wasn't. The year started with Kendrick's "TPAB" (To Pimp A Butterfly) album right after the year ended with J Cole's "2014 Forrest Hill Drive". Quickly the talk of hip-hop King was a two man race until Drake dropped "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" and the internet was on fire. Not to be outdone Lupe Fiasco put out a solid last project with "Tetsuo & Youth" and Big Sean dropped a major hit with "Dark Sky Paradise" with Joey BadA$$ and A$AP Rocky sandwiched in between with solo projects of their own. With all that being said, Future, The Game, Wale, Meek Mill, Action Bronson, Kid Ink, Travis Scott, Jay Rock, Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, Weezy, Jadakiss, and a host of other artists put out decent albums as well.

Pusha T capped off 2015 with his unexpected but amazing "Darkest Before Dawn" album putting pressure on Hip Hop for 2016 to maintain it's momentum. 

So which albums are most anticipated in Hip Hop for 2016? Let's find out:

Missy Elliot:

Fresh off a Super Bowl performance and a new track entitled "WTF" (Where They From) Missy officially declared her road to return as the gawd femcee in 2015. While she was on hiatus for a while Missy came back like she hasn't left and 2016 should announce her triumphant return.



2015 belonged to Aubrey Graham hands down. Not only did he win the ho hum battle between him and Meek, the 6 God dropped one of the Top Albums in 2015 and later collaborated with southern crooner/emcee Future to do "What A Time to Be Alive. With more Grammy nominations on deck there is nothing stopping the Toronto native in 2016.

Meek Mill:

Meek took so many L's last year it wasn't even funny. Although his album debuted at number one, sales rapidly declined especially after his public tirade with Drake. Although the Philly native continued to take his lumps, especially after violating his parole, his next album will be a testament to his resolve, or his inevitable fall from grace.


Kanye West:

Oh Kanye, I don't know how to articulate my love and disdain for the Chicago Native. Yeezus was wildly polarizing project, you either loved it or hated it and that pretty much summed up his 2015. While his next album "SWISH" is supposed to come out this year, possibly under another name, he did give us a few hopeful tracks with "All Day" and "Only One". When Kanye isn't making music, designing clothes, or feuding with Nike... he's... running for President....I guess. 

Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole:

Will two of the hottest MC's in the game drop a collaborative project in 2016? This writer can only hope and dream. When the two dropped freestyles on each others instrumentals titled "Black Friday" the internet turned on it's head. Cole, who dropped the first solo album to go platinum in 25 years without a feature, and King Kendrick, who pretty much demolishes every song he's featured on and gave us the artistic "TPAB" have been rumored to come together in a dynamic Hip Hop mash up. While this was rumored in 2015 as a possibility, my inside source that this will be a definite. We will have to wait and see. 


Wiz Khalifa:

"Rolling Papers 2: The Weed Album" is slated to be on deck in 2016 with 3 singles already out. In 2015 Wiz dropped the single "See You Again" which went number one but didn't drop and album. Hopefully this year we see Wiz return to his prominence.


Tip's last album "Paperwork" was a dud plain and simple. Now free from his former label, Columbia, it will be interesting to see what the rubber band man comes with next. In 2015 he dropped a 5 Track EP entitled Da'Nic and his new album called "Dime Trap" is supposedly slated for next month.  



Fresh off of his mixtape MMM (Money Making Mitch) and his dope single "Working" the former (or current who knows these days) Bad Boy ambassador is dropping "No Way Out 2" which will serve as the sequel to "No Way Out". In an interview with Power 105.1 Diddy claimed this will be his last studio album and he plans on making this one "classic and epic".


This is just a short list but I am pretty sure 2016 will have a lot more in store. Stay Tuned.

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