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Brain Bang Round 1 by @Love_Chan

Brain Bang Round 1 by @Love_Chan

Have you ever been mentally fucked? If not, I must say, it’s definitely an unexplainable feeling. Something you feel deep; something that you can’t duplicate. You FEEL it with every sense. You FEEL it in every part of you.

When you experience the mental before the physical, it’s almost ineffable. How can a person do that to you? Either you’ll be scared out of your mind or you’ll be taken to ecstasy. Taken to a place that you never thought existed & never imagined visiting. Taken to euphoria. And the moment you get there, you’ll never want to leave. Never settle for anything less. Never tolerate mediocrity.

When you feel it, you’ll never want to feel any other way.

Mind fucked.

Brain banged.

Cerebral smashed.

Each conversation goes deeper and deeper. Increasing in intensity with every answered call, every read text. Each spoken word feels like they’re laying you down gently on your back. The dialogue spreads your legs and pulls your hips down. As they enter, You let out that initial contact deep breath. The first stroke sets the tone. The pace quickens. Your breathing is all out of whack. But that’s ok because your bodies are in sync. You bite your lip. Your eyes roll back. You try to escape but it feels too good to end it this early. Loosen up & enjoy it. You open up a little wider. They can see that you’re into it, that you want it, that your body is responding. Before you can realize all that’s happening, you notice that you’ve switched positions 3 times. It just keeps getting better. Neither one of you are letting up. Going tit for tat, low for blow & stroke for stroke. We know where this is going. The grunts become louder. The light moans become mild screams. The both of you are ready. Neither of you can fight it any longer.

Reaching for the stars just gained a new meaning. This place seems familiar yet new. You’ve never had it like THIS. You win & do a victory lap. You’ve earned it. You deserved this.

Nobody can take that from you.

You sit back and smirk.

So while you’re thinking back on the past and wondering if you’ve ever felt anything this good, this real, just laughs and rolls over. This nap is going to be good. Those who are capable of mind fucking us are rare. Enjoy it while it’s here.

Preparing For Round 2…

Brain Bang Round 2 by @Love_Chan

Brain Bang Round 2 by @Love_Chan

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