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Brain Bang Round 2 by @Love_Chan

Brain Bang Round 2 by @Love_Chan

It was only a matter of time after you had entered my mind that you’d make the next entry. You had just the right touch to unlock the Pearly Gates.

You knocked. You entered. You’re really here. Flesh to flesh. Face to face.

You seem colossal next to my small frame. I’m swallowed by your warm embrace.

The level of comfort was so natural. You take your time but made your eagerness known.

The firmness of your gentle voice. The intensity of your soft touch.

And just like that, still waters began to roar. Waves crashed against the shore.

Your words still guide and manipulate my mind, body and soul. Is it possible for two familiar strangers to really be this aligned?

The television plays at a medium tone. The bathroom light peaks around the corner. With phones beeping, buzzing and ringing, this concentration can’t be broken.

I’d love to see your face but at the moment you’re having deep convo with my lower lips.

Explicitly speaking to my inner soul. Telling and showing us all of the things you’re capable of doing. All of the feelings you are capable of evoking. By the feel of things, I think you may have bilingually explained it all in full detail.

They say the tongue is a powerful weapon but you’ve decided to use it for good instead of evil. You use it to locate the treasure that had been longing to be found. Unlocking a liquid language that only better prepares us for what has yet to cum.

We transition.

Somehow, we end up becoming a human display of every one’s favorite numbers.

Seems like we’re ready but not until I show you the same appreciation that you’ve shown me. It’s only right.

It’s your turn to relax. A kiss on the head is an action of endearment. Sometimes you have to ease your way into (or onto) a situation.

It’s not long before we say “Fuck this”.

We meant that in every sense of the word. Mentally and physically.

Who would’ve thought that the mental and physical would be so close?

We knew this would be explosive but this was more than sexing. This was a meeting of both our bodies and minds.

For every stroke the body took, the mind took two. The intensity was too real.

When the time came, so did we. There was no denying or hiding this. The evidence was obvious.

As the electric leg spasms slow down to a slow twitch, the tunnel vision starts to widen. The surrounds begin to reappear. Sounds now audible.

You walk away only to return with a warm washcloth. You are definitely the

real MVP.

This might be the real thing.

And the day we should meet again, I’ll have no expectations because I know whether everything or nothing should happen, the connection is better than any physical encounter.

BUT… that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen again and again and again.

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