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That's That Bullshit Vol. 5 by @Al_Patron

That's That Bullshit Vol. 5 by @Al_Patron

Fuck the police.

I wrote 4 books this year & didn't put 1 out. And none of them are related.

When someone on the train says "Good afternoon ladies & gentlemen..." why do we all look at each other instead of the person in need? New Yorkers are cold.

If I didn't live in NYC, the way Troy Ave talks, I'd think he was the only person from here.

The BK Nets stink. Warms my heart.

Carmelo Anthony has until All-Star Weekend before I tell him about himself. That'll mark a year since he started sitting out due to injury. Don't make me do it Melo.

Derek Fisher always looks like he's waiting on his lady to tell him she got her period.

Almost 100% sure Cardi B is DJ Khaled with smaller tits.

Supremely appreciative of how black people stuck together this year. I just didn't understand the objective.

Candice Patton is the best-looking woman on television & it's not close.

I went from 234lbs to 218lbs. Now if learned how to swim or flip pancakes? Yea...

Odell Beckham Jr. gonna crump out the closet on Dancing With the Stars. Then do an interview saying Michael Sam cheated on him & it gave him the courage to let the world know. Then he’ll win an Espy that Caitlyn Jenner will present him. This would be funny if I didn’t think it was on the table for real.

I have a movie out, like an actual movie that people are watching & eating popcorn to. Crazy.

Need to get a new tattoo, probably on my back. Have to really complete this sex symbol transformation.

Been listening to a lot of new and different music lately; glad I opened up my ears.

Bill Cosby told us to pull up our pants, yea, insert the plot twist here. Fuck that piece of shit.

Don’t give up on people, they need you more than they’re pushing you away with dumb shit.

This was probably the worst year I’ve had in a LONG time but I learned the most & closed it out like a boss playa, don’t fucking stop till you get what you need.

Y’all look like a bunch of assholes with those Dick Tracy hats on. Fucking idiots.

I fought depression all year & we all go thru it differently but I’m starting to feel happy, like I’m going to be ok. That’s crazier to me than being crazy.

Rex Ryan might fuck around & fuck around with the Jets. God ain’t that funny of a nigga, is he?

Finishing one project doesn’t mean I’m done building, it’s another block. Brick by brick to this shit.

Super proud of how everyone stepped their pen game up to write for this here site, impressed as well.

You can’t learn about women from men. Be mindful of this.

People gossip a lot, it’s quite gross to be honest but then again, consider the sources.

I miss Biggie.

2016 is my year. I hope it’s yours too but if it’s not, get out my face with your negativity & opinions on who and what I am, cuz fuck you.


Aight, I’m out. Remember don’t trust anyone who wishes you a happy new year past the 2nd day back at work. They’re a serial killer.

FUCK R. Kelly

FUCK R. Kelly

R&B Lonely Gaze by @Al_Patron

R&B Lonely Gaze by @Al_Patron