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Who Should Direct Creed 2? by @MykeDSOM

Who Should Direct Creed 2? by @MykeDSOM

In November 2015 a spin-off/sequel to one of best franchises in Hollywood was released. Thanks to the great director Ryan Coogler for bringing this idea to Sylvester Stallone and creating this magic titled 'Creed', it's a guarantee that the Rocky universe is here to stay with a new vision. Now do I think Creed was snubbed for a Oscar nomination, most definitely, it's a damn shame Ryan put his foot in Hollywood's ass and made a remarkable film to introduce to the new generation of Rocky fans, and yes it's cool that Stallone is nominated to Best Supporting Actor and I hope he wins but there's no way the Academy should've skipped Creed for the Best Picture nomination, as my favorite movie of 2015, Creed deserves it. Now with Creed 2 already in development the big news is that Ryan Coogler will not return to direct due to him signing on to helm Marvel's Black Panther, but he will return for writing the script and executive producer. With a new director to take on the project with discussions about having a Godfather 2 aura and possibly bringing back Carl Weathers as Apollo, this can either be a success or a "failure" to some but I personally believe what Coogler has in store you know why?, there has been plenty of sequels of films without the same director but was a success with the same producer, now if a new staff comes in and tries to change everything, that would be terrible. Since Coogler won't be back as director here are some names that could take on the project and still make it successful, some suggestions are going to be leftfield but that's the fun and interesting part.

Rick Famuyiwa: Dope was such an underrated movie in 2015 it completely got overlooked, Rick doesn't have too many movies under his belt but he has 2 classics such as The Wood and Talk To Me. Rick taking on Creed 2 would be a huge challenge mostly because he hasn't directed a big budget film yet, and with the success he has already, he really doesn't to but it would be fun to see how he handles Adonis Creed's next fight.

Mario Van Peebles: I don't understand how MVP hasn't been offered big projects to direct, his work on New Jack City was excellent but he's been under radar ever since. Mario has tons of work and also directed classics such as Posse and Panther; he's directed episodes for TV on shows like Law & Order, NCIS, Sons Of Anarchy, Lost, and Empire in 2015. MVP directed 50 Cent in titled All Things Fall Apart in 2011 with 50 playing a football player battling cancer.

Gavin O' Connor: Gavin has a UFC film titled Warrior and it's one of the best fighting movies with some of the best fight scenes, and bringing the brutal side to Creed ala Warrior could take the sequel to a new direction. Does Gavin NEED to direct the movie? No but Ryan could definitely hire him for the fight scenes, and what he brought to the table in Warrior I wouldn't be surprised to see his name in a credit somewhere, but let's be honest here, it's going to difficult to top what Ryan did, and I think that's for anyone, Ryan executed every boxing scene perfectly for Creed, even the sparring session with Wheeler.

Will Smith: You're probably saying to yourself outraged "hell no, why him!?", well for one he's from Philly so he knows his city better than anyone, Will knows boxing, he also portrayed Muhammad Ali in the exceptional biopic called 'Ali' where he was nominated for best actor at the Oscars, so why the hell not?! Will's next step in film is directing and he has gave hints here and there about directing in the future, his first directorial debut is suppose to be a Cain and Abel movie that was given the green light in 2012. Smith could also take the tips from Michael Mann (who directed Ali) and use it in a Creed sequel mixed with his vision. Is it a option, of course but Will has Suicide Squad coming up, and possibly Bad Boys 3 shooting real soon so I highly doubt he's going to direct Creed 2, who knows maybe he'll take on Creed 3.

Sylvester Stallone: This will most likely probably be the choice for Creed 2 since Sly has directed almost every Rocky film (2,3,4 & 'Balboa') I wouldn't be surprised either. Creed made me appreciate Rocky 3 even more and now it's my favorite out the franchise, Apollo Creed is really the most important character of the Rocky series, Rocky was ready to call it quits after Micky died, Apollo seen the same thing Micky did, Rock was too "Hollywood", Clubber Lang called him out and destroyed him, and what did Apollo do? Takes him to the LA, trained in the most gritty boxing gym filled with black excellence where Apollo started himself, remixed Rocky and all of sudden he had The Eye Of The Tiger and defeated Clubber. The fact that Sly wrote and directed a film like Rocky 3 makes you wonder if he can bring that same vibe to a Creed sequel and I hope he does if he directs, Rocky 3 was more of a Apollo Creed movie with a 70s blaxploitation film feeling to it.

Tim Story: Tim has done movies such as Fantastic 4, F4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, Barbershop, Ride Along and recently Ride Along 2, do we know if Tim is the right man for the job? Who knows, he might not be a great director but he has some watchable movies, Creed could be a challenge for Story.

F. Gary Gray: What more can you say about this man, I believed Gray got the Oscar snub nomination for Straight Outta Compton too, that movie should've got best picture or best director but we already know that. Gary Gray has an interesting lineup of films and they have all been great. Gary taking on a boxing film like Creed would put him even higher in the power rankings of directors, will he get the job, I doubt it, maybe a phone call but he would be too busy filming Fast 8 which I can't wait to see where he takes that franchise.

Denzel Washington: Denzel knows his boxing just like he knows what roles to pick, the man is a legend, Washington directed Antwone Fisher in 2002 and it was good, what Denzel could bring to Creed is the same way what was brought to him in The Hurricane, but probably more brutal too. I'm sure Denzel wouldn't have no problem directing a movie like Creed 2 but he's filming The Magnificent Seven right now so that's probably out the question.

Antoine Fuqua: Fuqua is currently directing The Magnificent Seven right now. I'll say this, while Southpaw wasn't all that great, it's still a cool movie to watch regardless but Creed blew it out the water with everything. I would give Fuqua another shot at a boxing film; critics gave Southpaw hell for no reason at all, was it predictable? Yes but not a bad film at all.

Ava DuVernay: This women deserves to have more work in Hollywood, especially after her Oscar snub for Selma in 2015, she was set to helm Marvel's Black Panther but the studio didn't see her vision for project so she left. Why wouldn't she take on Creed 2, Ava could probably shock the world with her directing skills and delivery an excellent piece of work. I'm sure Ryan has her in mind to take over also, she could make great fighting sequences, montages, and we could also see how she takes the love story between Adonis & Bianca. Ava should definitely be considered for this movie, I mean Marvel didn't her to direct Black Panther for nothing, she clearly knows what she's doing, her spot in Hollywood is already solidified.

There's tons of directors out there that can take on Creed 2, but they have to do it right, me personally I would choose and keep black director for the job too, that's why you see who you see on the list but tons of black directors out there so who would be your choice? I can't wait to see the news on who gets to direct Creed 2, I just hope it's remarkable as the first and we get more montages, training/fight scenes hopefully a Duke cameo and Creed vs. Wheeler in a all-out brutal brawl.

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