Far from timid • Caveat Lector

Done by @Love_Chan

Done by @Love_Chan

I know there’s more to you than the man that I see. Who are you really, when you’re not with me?

Behind the scenes there’s a person so sour, so foul. You’ve put on quite a show so I guess you can take your bow.

At first, its not you, its me. Maybe I’m just not what you had in mind. Seems like you were ready to take all of the help that you could find.

Even if it meant hurting innocent people. Even if it meant almost turning the purest heart into something evil.

They say you live and learn, have no regrets. Fuck what they’re talking about, they didn’t live through this stress.

They didn’t have lonely days and sleepless nights. They didn’t try to make amends after every fight. They didn’t feed you, house you or make sure that you’re alright.

Yet and still, you still chose them over your so called Queen. I should’ve minimized your chances when that dirty mirror became clean.

By clean I don’t mean that you told the truth behind your lies. Clean as in I saw the malice in your eyes.

No regrets my ass! I’d take it all back if I could. If I had the chance for a “do over”, with no hesitation, I would.

No regrets? Bitch, please. It’s hard for me to to even call a man (well let’s say male) a bitch but BITCH you got me fucked up and I use it as I see fit.

You must be some big time player with all of the people you fuck over. I lived everyday near drunk until my heart would feel sober.

So drunk to the point that I couldn’t feel the excruciating pain. So faded to the point that I couldn’t remember your name.

It was me who came running in your many times of need. It was me racing home with a need for speed.

A liar, a cheater, deceiver, heart breaker. If it came down to it, you’d be the giver and the taker.

Giving your ass to kiss, giving multiple lies, taking my love for granted and ignoring my cries.

You were only “the man” in the eyes of others. I saw your soul. I saw your true colors.

I’m glad that I’m not “her” because I know I deserve more. Why wasn’t I stronger sooner to show you the door?

After all was said and done, I still tried to find meaning. After the lies, the bitches and fights, I still tried to find reason.

When the lights turned on, everything started looking funny. Nothing you said held any merit, no true intentions of returning the money.

Glad that its over, glad I’m not your girl. I should’ve listened closer when Foxy said “Let no lame nigga rule your world”.

You reap what you sow so I hope that you’re ready. You should have a dolly in tow because this package will be heavy.

There will be no more contact. No reaching out to your momma. There’s a special thing for people like you and it’s my best friend, Karma.

The '16 by @Al_Patron

The '16 by @Al_Patron

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