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Forbidden Fruit by @Love_Chan

Forbidden Fruit by @Love_Chan

On this journey to the greater good, its almost impossible to avoid all distractions and temptation. They are around for a reason. It’s up to you to decide what’s a good detour and that will lead you on a path of destruction.

As I’m nearing my next milestone, I see this vibrant, breathtaking vine in the distance. I know this place is unfamiliar but I feel connected. I’ve always had an attraction to things that I should approach with caution.

They draw me in at rapid rates. Where is the pause button? Before I can blink, I’m already halfway to it. As I inch closer, the aroma awakens my senses. I can almost feel the heat emitting from this burning bush of lust.

The various color are becoming too vivid. The petals make smiley faces at me. Why are forbidden things so damn good?

No longer having to try, my body floats over as if it knows the greatness that could come from this. How do I always end up here? Just a few more feet before we make contact.

Should we really be here? Do I really want this? So many questions and not enough time to answer. Everything from here on out will be split second decisions.

I start to second guess your advances but fuck it. All we have is now.

If you should leave a bad aftertaste, I’ll know better next time. On the other hand, maybe you’ll clean my pallet. Maybe you’ll be so refreshing that I’ll keep coming back for more. Maybe I’ll never find something so good to my taste buds, so why pass it up?

I’ll put my money on it today. I have to win this one. Give me a barrel of your sweetest bunch. They told me that I should stay away but I couldn’t. I had to have it.

Look at me now.

This grin has turned into a fully blow smile. It wont fade. It isn’t going to erase. I smile because I don’t care how forbidden you are to them. You’re mine.

Even if only for a moment, It won’t change what has already transpired. So as I sit here with the last bit of you, I hope that we can replicate this feeling and moment in time.

I hope that before we decide to end this, we figure out how to make it last forever. We’re both pretty clever so I won’t exclude the thought. You’ve somehow become my food for thought.

The things that come to mind when you’re inside is just something that I can’t deny. Please stay with me and lets figure out how to do this thing right.

In the event that we should cross paths again, we know what we’re getting into. I’ll know what you were sent to do. I know it will be fruitful.

As forbidden as they said you would be, you are seemingly the perfect fruit you me.

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