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I'm Voluntarily a Jets Fan Vol. 2 by @klew24

I'm Voluntarily a Jets Fan Vol. 2 by @klew24

I’d like to start by saying that I hope you people had a Happy Thanksgiving.


Remember last week when I told you that the game against the Texans was one the Jets should win and then predicted they would win by multiple scores? Well, playas fuck up sometimes.

I’ve had almost a week to let that loss sink in before I wrote this piece but when it happened I realized that it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. When I said I stopped giving a shit the minute Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a horizontal pass on fourth and two against Buffalo, maybe I meant it. Fitzpatrick stared a hole through Brandon Marshall’s chest and hit Texans DB Andre Hal in the chest on the game sealing INT and I laughed. I then immediately turned in my bar stool and said to my Giant fan buddy who has claimed on and off that my disdain for Ryan Fitzpatrick was irrational and said “Am I still irrational? Yep, let’s pay Fitzpatrick ALL OF THE DINEROS”. I was drunk and well.. … don’t call me irrational about a well backed up opinion about some shit I’ve seen materialize for ten whole ass years.

On to the game, I kind of knew it was going to be one of those rare “mortal” days for Darrelle Revis rather early in the game. First of all, there’s one human playing WR at a higher level than DeAndre “Nuk” Hopkins right now and his name is Antonio Brown. When TJ Yates missed him deep on the first play of the game, I said ‘Uh oh’. Then on the same drive, Hopkins caught a five yard pass and immediately got in Revis’ face and started jawing. I thought him getting smoked for a touchdown was on the horizon and lo and behold it happened in the second quarter. A well designed play by the Texans as they had eight guys blocking and two out on pass patterns, a deadly double move by Hopkins and Revis was behind from damn near the minute the play started.  Revis is still an amazing CB even at his semi advanced football age. With that said, he can’t be comfortably left one on one with guys with the type of skillset and speed Hopkins has. He has trouble keeping up with those guys these days. It isn’t 2010 anymore. He needs some help.

The run defense wasn’t particularly great either as they consistently let the Texans get themselves into second/third and shorts behind the brilliant (heavy sarcasm here) duo of Alfred Blue and Jonathan Grimes. Then to top it off the Jets allowed WR Cecil Shorts to throw a touchdown to Alfred Blue who smoked DeMario “I can’t cover a textbook” Davis. Davis has allowed a 135 passer rating on passes thrown to whomever he is covering but according to our brilliant head coach his coverage isn’t an issue. Sure thing, boss.

I’m going to move on to the offense, as they are one of the most stressful units I’ve endured as a long-suffering fan of this team. As much as I love Brandon Marshall for what he does off the field with his influence and his dominance on the field, his drops are damn frustrating. They are always right in the breadbasket and they are always crucial. Fitzpatrick dropped a perfect 40-yard bomb in his hands in the second quarter in the midst of an offensive malaise and Marshall booted it. One of those soul-crushing drops happens every week with Marshall. Ever since a dominant September/beginning of October, Marshall just hasn’t been the same player.

I love Eric Decker. I always will let the cape flap for that guy because he shuts up, gets open, and catches first downs and touchdowns. He puts up really good numbers despite his shitty QB ignoring him being absolutely wide open at least five times a game. There were a couple examples of that in the fourth Q. One play, Quincy Enunwa ran a nine route to open up Decker on a 25 yard Square in route. The play worked to perfection as Decker got wide open and Fitzpatrick forced one to Enunwa and threw it wide of the intended mark. On the game ending INT, Decker shook a Texans DB on a “jerk” route before Fitzpatrick played catch with the Texans DB. Either way, Decker has probably been the Jets most consistent player game in and out. Imagine what his numbers would look like with a QB who didn’t inexplicably ignore him a handful of times per game. Kudos to that man.

Why did we leave Breno Giacomini one on one with J.J. Watt so much? That is insanity and that is all I have to say about that.

Before I talk about this week’s upcoming game, I’ll take this time to express more disdain for one Ryan Fitzpatrick. First of all, the fact that dude has been in the league for 10 years and is almost incapable of making more than one read is astounding.  And the defiance for such a shitty excuse of a QB is also off the charts. After the game Texans DB Andre Hall, who picked off Fitzpatrick’s pass said “We watched Fitz the whole week and he stared receivers down. After he did that, we took off with the ball.”

Fitzpatrick, ever so flippant in his response for a guy who’s accomplished jack in the NFL, said “You don’t make it 11 years in this league if you stare guys down”.

Guy who has played in zero playoff games and has never gotten anyone to commit to him besides a team who hasn’t won a playoff game in 16 years is talking big shit after a LOSS in which he threw two picks on the final two possessions.

This guy.................

My God I can’t stand this guy. I’ve watched some awful QBing and Fitzpatrick, given his play and the constant excuse making and ridiculous glorification of his play, is the least enjoyable QB I’ve ever watched. And besides Kyle Wilson, he’s the least enjoyable player I’ve ever watched. If he goes into next season as a starter I’m just going to take a break.

As far as the game this week against the Dolphins, I wish I had something poignant to say about this shit. Both of these teams stink. Revis is out so that means standout sophomore WR Jarvis Landry should probably run around unimpeded and have a party. Both these defenses have struggled recently. There isn’t a single result of this game that would surprise me so I’ll take the struggling team at home.

Jets 17 Dolphins 13


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