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I'm Voluntarily a Jets Fan Vol. 3 by @klew24

I'm Voluntarily a Jets Fan Vol. 3 by @klew24

I finally get to write one of these sumbitches after a Jets win. Spellcheck on Microsoft Word didn’t even budge with the red line under sumbitches and that makes me irrationally happy. Off to the recap we go.

I’ve bashed the hell out of Ryan Fitzpatrick all year when he’s been bad or when he’s done something detrimental to the team but I have to give him his props for his performance this past Sunday. Fitzpatrick, with the help of an awful Dolphins defensive strategy that I’ll touch on later, played his best game as a Jet. He was 22/37 for 277 yards and four touchdowns. He didn’t make any questionable decisions and besides his usual adventurous seam passes everything went without a hitch. For once a win wasn’t stressful as from the second quarter to the end of the game; the Jets dominated the Dolphins in pretty much every facet. Hell, Jeremy Kerley had a 58 yard punt return! Jeremy Kerley!

I don’t know what the Dolphins were doing or trying to accomplish with their defensive gameplan. It felt like they picked a guy off the corner in Times Square and said “Hey, you’re gonna call our defense this Sunday.” Brent Grimes is clearly in decline at age 34, and the Dolphins employ no other good cornerbacks. So what do they do? They leave their cornerbacks 1 on 1 with arguably the best WR duo in the NFL in Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. Predictably, Marshall dog walked Grimes all over the field and Decker laid waste to the litany of bullshit CBs behind Grimes on the depth chart. That basically was the story of the game. It was so bad that on Marshall’s second TD of the game, he waved at Fitzpatrick before the play to get his attention. Fitzpatrick acknowledged him, changed the play and the Dolphins still made no adjustments.

The Dolphins center is the worst at snapping a football that I have ever seen in my life. I’ve never seen so many shotgun snaps so close to hitting the turf in my life. Lots of people are complaining about Ryan Tannehill and his contract but what is he supposed to do in the circumstances he’s in with arguably the most dysfunctional organization in the NFL? Either way, I hope the Dolphins keep going the way they are.

The greatest part is that after all of this the Dolphins fired their OFFENSIVE coordinator. I got the notification on my cellphone and I just assumed I read “defensive” wrong. Much to my surprise, I was wrong. Either way, the fact that the Dolphins have gotten their asses kicked by the Jets in two different countries badly enough that they needed to fire coaches after BOTH tilts makes me amazingly happy.  From here, we move on to this week as the Jets play their “rival” roommates, the New York Giants.

First of all, this shit isn’t a rivalry. The Jets and Giants aren’t in the same conference and they play once every four years. Lord knows I hate Giants fans, and there is a healthy degree of contempt between both fanbases but that a rivalry doesn’t make.

As far as what to expect Sunday, I don’t really know. I think the Jets from top to bottom are a better, more talented football team. That said, the Jets haven’t beaten the Giants since 1993(I’m readily aware that those games have nothing to do with this one and I’ll touch more on this later), and as much as the Jets roster is better, the difference between the respective quarterbacks is a rather large one. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick is, well, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Eli Manning is playing some of the best football of his career. The Jets pass rush has been relatively dormant in recent weeks and they probably will be without Darrelle Revis and Marcus Williams. The Giants offensive line is hurting and they can’t run the ball so Manning might be under siege for the majority of the day.

Prince Amukamara is back for the Giants which should make them tougher to pass on but the Giants can’t rush the passer and their LBs couldn’t cover textbooks so who knows? I’m interested to see how the Giants deal with Eric Decker in the slot, and I’m interested to see exactly how much the Jets employ Chris Ivory against a league average rush defense(4.0 YPC against).

From a playoff perspective, this game means a lot to both parties but probably means more to the Jets. The Jets are currently duking it out with what feels like half the AFC for a wildcard spot and the Giants are tied with the crappy Redskins at 5-6 atop the second worst division in the league. The Giants can afford a loss more than the Jets can.

When it all comes down to it, these are two average football teams. Their strengths and weaknesses match up pretty well with one another which could make this a pretty even contest. I pray that I’m wrong, but I’ll predict the team with the better QB which generally finds a way to win important games will win this one.  

If you see a Giant fan getting too big for their britches or getting out of hand around you while you watch the game, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Enjoy the game and don’t get arrested.

Prediction: Giants 24 Jets 21


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