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I'm Voluntarily a Jets Fan Vol. 4 by @klew24

I'm Voluntarily a Jets Fan Vol. 4 by @klew24

Well, for the second straight week I get to write one of these after a win. This one meant a lot more than the last one as last week’s win over the Dolphins was essentially a glorified practice. This one had the New York vs New York hoopla, was an important game in the standings for the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick helped lead a 10 point comeback with eight minutes left in a sloppy but competitive OT game.

For the second straight week, Ryan Fitzpatrick was really good. He outplayed his counterpart and was largely lights out in leading the Jets back down the stretch. He made several big throws and his 15 yard run on 4th and 6 on the final drive essentially saved the Jets playoff hopes. From the 8 minute mark when the Jets were trailing 20-10 to the end of the game, Fitzpatrick dominated.

The Jets defense, outside of one Odell Beckham 72 yard touchdown catch, was fantastic. The second half adjustments that Todd Bowles made to counteract the Giants offense worked as the Giants didn’t score after halftime. The Jets tried their darndest to beat themselves throughout the course of the first 3+ quarters but the Giants couldn’t take advantage as they built only a 10 point lead.

There was a controversial call by Tom Coughlin in the game as he decided to go for it on fourth down and two from the four yard line with eight minutes left in the fourth quarter. He’s been getting blasted for it from a whole bunch of different circles which I find to be kind of over the top. I understand the questioning of the decision from those who questioned it from the moment he did it. It was definitely risky but given that this Giant team can’t close games, what was wrong with trying to go for the throat in the form of a 17 point lead? If the Giants score a TD there the game is over. It was TWO yards. Why not?

The odd part about the decision was the playcall that came with it. Apparently, Coughlin was ready to send the field goal unit on to the field and Odell Beckham waving them off changed his mind. That’s fine. We see quarterbacks do that all the time. The puzzling part was they lined him up outside at the “X” spot, knowing he was going to be double covered, and had him running a fade. They took him out of the play better than any combination of Jets could have even before the play started. So on a 4th and 2 to essentially win the game Eli Manning, for all intents and purposes, had no access to Odell Beckham. On what planet does that make sense?

Let’s take a moment to relive Prince Amukamara’s quote from this past week and laugh at him, shall we?

“Me and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie can stop any wide receiver in this league.”

Brandon Marshall 12 catches for 131 yards and a TD(13 targets)

Eric Decker 8 catches for 101 yards(12 targets)

In the words of a great philosopher, why the fuck you lying? Mmmmmohmygawd, STOP FUCKIN LYING.

On that note, I’d like to mention how much I appreciate Brandon Marshall’s talents. Week in and week out, that guy goes out there and balls his ass off. He became the first player in NFL history to notch 1,000+ yards with four different teams and that says a lot about just how good and consistent he has been over the course of his Hall of Fame career. His presence has made this Jets offense more productive. He has made everyone around him better and that investment Mike McCagnan made in the offseason has turned out to be a difference making one.

Also, Chan Gailey deserves a lot of credit. I realize that basically every team’s fans hate their offensive coordinator so I get the bashing he receives from a group of Jets fans but he’s been really good. Given what he’s had to work with in the name of a limited QB and a shaky OL, the results Gailey has gotten out of this group have been fantastic. They’re 10th in yards and 7th in scoring. He made Quincy Enunwa into a good H-Back, he moved Decker to the slot and has done everything in his power to put the ball in his playmakers hands. I know it sounds easy but if you watch offensive coordinators across the league you’ll realize why many ets fans appreciate the fact that Gailey’s mantra is “get the ball to 15 and 87”. The Jets have done that all of this year and that’s a big reason they’re in position to make a December playoff push.

On to this week, I’m not going to pretend I have some riveting analysis for you. I’m excited to see Marcus Mariota up close but I hope he gets his behind handed to him. The Jets have followed up important victories with bad losses so many times in my life so I’m naturally terrified. That said, if there’s one thing Ryan Fitzpatrick has proven he can do, it is beat bad defenses. I’m still terrified because I’m a lifelong fan of this team and just when you’re feeling happy they proverbially punch you in the balls. That being said, the Titans suck and I expect the Jets to win this week.

Prediction: Jets 31 Titans 20 

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