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1215 Laventine St. by The Lust Goddess @OohCrissy

1215 Laventine St. by The Lust Goddess @OohCrissy

Winter rain at night, is the ugliest of all; gloomy, dark, cold and wet, She thinks, as she turns off her sink.. Dinner was done, clean up is always quick when it's for one..

A knock on her door rang off an internal alarm, something about the rhythm felt familiar.. Peephole, Peeking through, she couldn't believe it. Quickly opens the door, to confirm who she was truly seeing.

"What are you doing here?"

— "I told you I wouldn't forget about you and I'll find you if I could".

She smirks, "Well well well..."

She allows him to come in, he's wet of course, almost as wet as she gets... But we'll get to that next, right now, he's looking like a wet puppy. And lucky, for him, she's good with the clean up, makes him comfortable enough to sit back and kick his feet up.. But shit ain't sweet hun, this is just in her nature, she's a stress reliever..

Let's reverse and go back to the last time, when it was supposed to last time.. She wanted him to give up that life, move on to something that can not only withstand, but also expand throughout time.. He wasn't trying to hear it, okay, that's fine.. But that was the last he saw of her, he really thought it was the last time. Last he heard, she ran off to live her life somewhere.. Yet here they are now, both in their underwear, but now she could tell there was a difference in his air.. He clearly doesn't believe in an umbrella, oh, the dramatic Prince Charming.. Yet, he truly is charming, she knows her effect on him.. Doubles it up, she's pouring his cup, clearing his plate.. He's complimenting the menu asking what time does she go on it.. She laughs, even little shit like that, gives her pussy baby heart attacks, she gives in, she grins and replies,

"you know the rules, let's not pretend, it's not one of those nights."

— "Right.."

His eyes staring into hers.. He wants to pick a fight... He can tell it's been awhile since anyone been inside.. Just by looking in her eyes, this excites him.. He missed the warmth of her insides, her presence, he felt it, every day she wasn't there... He was there now to show her, how much he truly missed her, he kissed her mid sentence as she was mumbling something about, he wasn't even listening; the moon was glistening, off her soft skin and he just had to go in, she was his and she knows it. She hates that she embraces this. But at the same time, she loves it. Her pussy now pumping to the beat of her heart as he kiss on her lips and she whispers it's his.....

Milliseconds, they were naked right there in the kitchen, with his fingers in her, playing like he was on a mission, he knows her pussy is her controller. He knows exactly how to hold her. This is why it will never be over... Clear when they were young, obvious now that they're older, they'll repeat this cycle over and over. But they're going hard right now..

He lifts her up, she knows it's about to go down.. Kissing on his flesh as he carries her into her bedroom.. She's melting in his arms, he lowers her gently.. Admiring her physique.. She was so naturally unique.. He spreads her legs, planting kisses on her inner thighs while staring in her eyes, she doesn't dare break contact.. Every kiss is shocking, her hips tick tockin.. To every touch of his kiss.. He finally meets her lips, her lipgloss is popping, he goes back to finger popping.. Using his tongue kissing as a combo, interlocking. It's quite shocking, although she sees it coming every time, she can't stop cumming every time, it's always like a first time... He kills her just to make her feel alive ...

This grants him access inside.. Slowly, she gotta tease him just a bit, she's really a little bitch.. In a good way of course. But with the rim of his dick pressed moistly against her lips he gives a swift thrust to get in, this is her favorite part.. The parting, the entering.. The strokes on the wall.. Painting a sight for no one but them, picture perfect while she work it, like his dick her overtime shift.. She shifts back and forth.. Easing him in, filling him in.. she feels him again. He lets out a moan, he's home. She's warm, tight, everything nice; she got a sick little waist with the wickedest wine... She's been sipping tonight..

Her inner freak coming out early tonight, she's serving up nice.. She's beyond wet at this point, got his dick drenched, from her wall's clench, her favorite sight to see..she slides off, admiring the sight, his dick is so perfect, now it looks even better iced.. She missed this sight, then proceeds, to lap up her water like a real bitch thirsty in heat. His dick is her bowl, includes his balls in her goal, up and down she goes, collecting her juices as if it were a nuisance, to him.. Licking him clean.. She moans while he leans, she always gave him that high, once compa(red) it to codeine. She's mean.. A nasty little bitch, makes sense why he can't stay away for too long, but it always feels so longg......

But it's never the same song, I suppose their love is just a pretty great album, or like your favorite artist's catalog... The details, the experience might alter, but the essence remains familiar all along. Is that not the real love song? When the lust can never go wrong? Spark it up like the flames never went wrong? No force is as strong, than a force that needs none, soon as you meet, you become one... Even nothing seems like something, it truly is something, to feel what they feel, every single time they start touching..

Isn't that something?

The fire between them is heating up the whole room. He's back in her and their bodies warmth exuding lust fumes.. He's thrusting while she's gushing, her knees red from the rubbing.. The pain is so pleasurable, this level of euphoria is bubbling. The weather outside is terrible, but they don't even notice.. They're both lost in the motion, the thunder doesn't even cause a commotion.

Thunder in the wintertime?!

They're truly lost in their own vibes, their own world, they're now one from the inside.. The true meaning of intertwine.. He follows the slow twists in her spine, her only thing in common with a snake, is the way she shakes.. He tries to hold back.. Her pussy so good, he has to take a mental commercial break. His stroke isn't stopping but his mind is remembering a funny vine... He saw the other day, just to keep him from buckling, before she could have her way. it's vital she cums.. Before him, especially tonight, he sensed the tension when he first got inside.. So now he's stroking with pride, he's caressing her body, she's higher than ever. She never feels better, than when he strokes and caress her..

She can feel the stress just let up, his timing is impeccable.. And just like a timer, time's up, she rings off.. He feels her rushing waterfalls, flooding even he can't plug.. Ugh, she lets out a moan so seductive, his knees start to buckle, she peeps, although she's weak, she takes him in her mouth and drains his release. No better way to please, this was her way of saying thank you.

Now they're both off their knees, panting heavily laying in bed, he strokes her head, gives her a big kiss, she looks up at him, glossy eyes with a slight red tint.. And whispers,

How did you know where I live?

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