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I DON'T Wanna Talk About The Bulls Vol. 3 by @Mariannoo

I DON'T Wanna Talk About The Bulls Vol. 3 by @Mariannoo

GarPax smfh....smfh.

anyway, let's get to it. 

last game of the season, I'm finishing this beer while smirking at a scantily clad picture of ya mom as I read the final score to the Bulls vs the 76ers.

The season is officially over now, ours has been over for a long time, but now it's official. 

It's like..hmmm...it's like when the other team is holding the ball standing next to the ref watching the clock wind down because they're up by so much the game is basically over....that's been our season for a while.

Let's look back at the trade deadline when GarPax said "nah let's not move Pau because we're gonna re-sign him in the offseason, we'll pass on young talent and maybe a draft pick." Now, they're saying GarPax is fine with letting him walk in the offseason and getting zero back in return......after not moving him for assets that coul...nevermind.

What did you want us to make the playoffs this season for? To SAY we made it? To brag about a playoff streak that means nothing when we haven't reached the finals? To get eliminated by a LeBron led team again? I'm not understanding.

As constructed, we were incapable of getting out of the first round, let alone being championship bound. Pardon me for not being in love with moral victories and understanding that being "alright" in the NBA is worse than being terrible. So, that question why you wanted us to make the playoffs....yea...no.

This team plays up to better opponents and completely dial it in against bottom feeders. We've been this team for a couple years now, it's just that our regular season record made us look dressed up and better than what we were, whether you agree or not. 

They say you are what your record says you are, and this season our record actually made us look better than the product I saw on the court with my own eyes. And you wanna know something else? I was glad we didn't make the playoffs. 

To be clear, I'd never go into a game or season "rooting" for my team to lose, but I also see the bigger picture. As long as we make the playoffs, that's more fuel GarPax can use to stay. 

As long as THEY stay, we'll be on this treadmill going nowhere in a hurry. So, yea maybe missing the playoffs will be a wake up call to Jerry and more importantly the end to such an incompetent front office; probably definitely not, but one can dream.

I'll see y'all at the top of the offseason with a plan. Don't talk to me about the Bulls until then. PLEASE.

Young'n Blues by @Love_Chan

Young'n Blues by @Love_Chan