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Tommy Ain't Got No Job? by @MykeDSOM

Tommy Ain't Got No Job? by @MykeDSOM

After watching Martin (one of the greatest shows to ever come on tv) I realized in almost every episode one of Martin's best friend by the name of Tommy was lying about having a job, or was he???

"Let's say you do have a job, hypothetically speaking" - Martin

We all wondered where Tommy worked at and it was fun pointing out clues, but this is why I call Martin the "worst best friend", in the episode 'Get A Job' it starts off with Martin, Pam, & Gina playing cards, Tommy walks in and his first words are "just got off work", Martin's facial expression changes immediately and tells Tommy he got better lies swimming in his Super Dome aka bald head, about 2 minutes later we're introduced to Hustle Man (Tommy's supplier, insider & connect but we'll save that for later), aside from paying $15 for a personal pan pizza Tommy pulls out a stack of cash out of nowhere and Martin becomes Martin asking him questions like how and where he got it. I think in life we all told our friends they need to "get up get out & get somethin" but only Martin goes as far as he can to actually finds out where Tommy works, what kind of best friend is that? Martin and Gina acts like cat burglars, go on stakeouts, then ended up getting robbed for his tires.

"How long have you been shaking yo ass for cash!?" - Martin

Now Tommy is basically caught in a lie at a charity event telling Martin he didn't even tell the people at his job about it, now a fed Martin is on 10 letting Tommy have it, "SEE THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT, LYING MAN, ABOUT HAVING A DAMN JOB TOMMY!" Who knows what Tommy was doing at that time if he claimed to havesimple 9-5 just like the next man but it did just hit me, I think he told Hustle Man to look out for anybody trying to spy on him, i mean did con Martin into buying some flowers for Gina before he told them they look like they're on a stakeout, hmmmm...

"What the hell do yo do for a living?" - Cole

In the infamous stolen CD player episode Martin tries to find ways to figure out who really stole it, so here comes Tommy... "you know what I do, you remember you picked me up from work that time", Martin tells Tommy it was a big white building with no signs & no windows, he wasn't even sure Tommy came out of there, you gotta give it Tommy though, he always kept a straight face while lying about having a job, but to say he got "transferred" to the big black building across the street just takes the cake, sounds like undercover headquarters to me not to mention he was on New York Undercover...

"Tommy everybody in the audience know damn well you ain't got the job man"

This one is very quick cause Tommy switches up 3 times in 1 episode, Martin and Gina gets invited to the freak party he doesn't know til later, Martin has a tv special come to his crib and Tommy says "with the kind of work that I do, its best that I'm not seen on tv", soon as the tv crew arrives he goes right on camera and says "I wanna give a shoutout to to all the people down at my job" HUH? I don't get it, now the 3rd time Gina gets sick and tell Martin why don't he take his assistant Thomas, and here goes Tommy again "i played the assistant once I quit, Martin asked him what he had to do, Tommy lies quick and smooth, "bruh for yo information, i got a date with this new honey from my job", when Martin tells Tommy he shouldn't be involved with women who's unemployed, that was the highlight but this episode proved he was STRAIGHT UP LYING.

"You know for a brotha who ain't got no job you sure got a lot of connects to the underworld Tommy"

After putting this one together, Hollywood is the underworld Martin was talking about in my eyes. Martin's birthday rolls around and Tommy had something special planned for him at Nipsey's, the people were "connects" from Tommy's job and couldn't make it, who were they? Hollywood actors, and if you know Hollywood you know its a lot of drugs (mainly coke) involved at those pitch meetings ans probably on set, not saying the people who wished Martin a happy birthday are on coke but I'm just saying. The people from Halle Berry, Chris Rock, Shaq, Robert Townsend and Will Smith, maybe Tommy was just security for them.

"This African cat i know, i don't personally know him, some people at work put me on to him"

Its very interesting that the African brother Tommy knew was Stan who owned the radio station. Now if you know Stan, you know he was the ultimate cheap con artist that wore tight ass suits and never paid taxes, now there's a lot of questions that need to be answered in the Marty Mart's Meatloaf and Waffle episode, if Tommy knew Stan and had so much money, why couldn't he help Stan with the $20,000 to help keep the radio station and Martin could keep his job? Why didn't Tommy just tell Martin it was Stan in the first place? I don't get it.

"CHIP, Ernest, Craig, Tito, Jermaine?"

That's a quote from the courtroom episode where Martin goes insane over a ticket from running a stop sign. Fast forward to 2-3 seasos later, Tommy hires Method Man to fake rob Martin, and who was the person that Tommy called when this happened? CHIP. Now Chip was a undercover cop which makes no sense right cause why would Tommy keep something like that a secret from his friends...very interesting

"Man please, you ain't got no business Tommy!

Tommy could've been anything from a bail bondsman, lawyer, drug, dealer or hitman, he showed signs of all of those and more. To having everything from a clear business card which sounds like some shit you need access to some top secret government shit, a business trip, company car, to having a blow torch to help Gina get her head out the bed frame. Why would he tell Martin to check with Hustle Man to see if he could buy the same wedding ring for cheap, or when he knew Hustle Man had a "going out of business sale"? To taking a job offering with a "business associate" snow bunny named Aquanetta who we all thought was black, Martin hit it right on the head "how many white women you know name Aquanetta"? So who knows what Tommy did, if a reunion special were to happen we probably still wouldn't know, and it probably still be best to keep it that way.

"We done been through all this and I still don't know what he does for a living!" - Martin

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