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Off Track by @Love_Chan

Off Track by @Love_Chan

All I really wanted was a simple, quick trip. No delays, disruptions or any of that other bullshit.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and made my way to the track; down the stairs to the platform without looking back.

This was a trip that I desperately needed. If you’re looking for me, in the café is where I’ll be seated.

No time to waste, not a minute to spare. The doors were closed as soon as the platform was clear.

I plugged in my headphones and connected my charger quickly. Before I noticed, we had departed ever so swiftly.

 I sat back and drifted as you led the way. With every turn and shift, I felt what you wanted to say.

 I don’t know if these moves were meant for me but I took it as this. I loved the way that you hugged every curve and met every station stop with a kiss.

Was I wrong for even thinking as much? Was I wrong for wanting you to prolong every touch?

I knew that if you could handle these rails with such precision that I couldn’t be wrong with this rash decision.

You make it look easy to run this train correctly but I’m tired of speaking to the man behind the motor indirectly.

Just as I get the feeling that our connection is beginning to fade, you open it up as you went into this straight away.

 The speed is increasing and so are the feelings. I’m calm physically but mentally; I’m bouncing off of the ceilings.

I’m not sure as to how much more I can take. You must’ve sensed my panic and decided to dump the brakes.

“Emergency, emergency, emergency!” You called for immediate assistance. We just had to reconnect; there was no chance of resistance.

You stepped off of the motor and out to meet me. No one could understand why you had to personally greet me.

I’m so glad that we’re standing face to face, hand in hand. Somehow, the universe carried out our ultimate plan.

I’m satisfied with your efforts and the things that you do; I’ll keep all options in mind as I work on our part two.

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