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T.G.I.F. (Thank Griddy It's Friday) Vol. 5 by BK Nets Superfan @griddy

T.G.I.F. (Thank Griddy It's Friday) Vol. 5 by BK Nets Superfan @griddy

Well, slap me and call me Susan! Would you look at that? The Brooklyn Nets are almost starting to look like something. Almost! I continue to say this team is way better than the record shows. Unfortunately, the record is all that matters. With lack of depth, Hollins is getting the most out of the team game in and game out. Billy King needs to find a scorer for this unit while it’s still early. 

“…I’m predicting 2 wins. I’m predicting a loss to Cleveland in a close game and a victory against Detroit. The Suns game will not be close and my TV will be turned to something else by halftime, and we will go into the garden and put on a show. QUOTE ME ON THAT.” 

That was my prediction last Friday. I was wrong… and that’s a good thing. As far as the first game in Cleveland goes, The Nets were basically robbed of a win. I was correct that it would be a close loss. However, it should have been a victory. The Nets were up and in control the entire game until King James pulled out the cry for every call strategy and manipulated the refs to make calls all in favor of him and the Cavs. It was a disgusting game to watch considering the terrible calls and non-calls late in the game that got the Cavs to squeeze out a 90-88 victory. I know good teams have pride and don’t want to lose to the bottom tier teams but the crying that Lebron displayed was shameful. The league later admitted to the errors in officiating but how does that help? We want the win, not the acknowledgement of favoritism for LBJ.  Despite the robbery, Nets fans should appreciate that we competed. We have competed very well against both of the teams that appeared in the Finals last season. We were a Brook Lopez layup at the buzzer away from a victory IN* Golden State earlier this month, and were closing in on a victory against the Cavs IN* Cleveland Saturday. Moral victories in sports are wack but we should not take those games lightly.

Nets followed up the loss to the Cavs with an ugly win in Brooklyn against the Pistons. Possibly the worst game I watched all season, but who doesn’t appreciate a victory however it comes? Especially the nasty ones. We remained in the game despite being down for most of it. Tons of credit to Uncle Lionel for that. He has this team competing pretty much every night against any opponent, good or bad. I repeatedly say we are just one scoring wing away from being a playoff lock this year and possibly making some noise too. I thought we would have gotten ran out of the gym on Tuesday vs. the Suns but we competed and played a very tough game. Not only did we compete, we protected the crib and came through with another victory at home against a decent Western Conference team. Thad “Can’t do no wrong” Young had his first bad game of the season but he hit a clutch shot late in the 4th qtr to extend the lead and his effort throughout the game cleaned up a bad shooting night. 

5 Key Takeaways from this past week:

1. Nets are 2-0 without Bargnani. KEEP HIM OFF THE COURT!!!!

2. Jarrett Jack and Shane Larkin have been balling!

3. This team has more heart than any team Brooklyn has had thus far.

4. Lionel Hollins isn’t getting enough credit for what he’s doing with this roster.

5. Deron Williams is a BUM!!! (Random I know, but I haven’t forgotten about you buddy)

We invade the Garden tonight and I can’t wait to see Brook Lopez torch his brother, again. I can’t wait to see Porzingis get some of that action too. I’m expecting big games from Thad Young and Shane Larkin as well to lead us to our third straight victory. I definitely can get used to talking about winning streaks. On Sunday, I get a nice birthday gift from the league when the Warriors come into town. As good as we’ve been playing against Golden State within the last few matchups; I think we are going to get crushed this time around. I believe these guys are going to try and slap us around for taking them to the wire in our last matchup at their place. If we fail to get the win and keep it close again, I will take the moral victory on this one. This team needs not to lose any confidence. They got something decent happening right now and we don’t need Steph Curry messing any of that up! I’ll be expecting Superstar Jack to be in effect.

We have the Rockets on Tuesday and Sixers on Thursday. I’m predicting that we will go 3-1 in these games putting us at 8-14 by next week. That’s pretty damn good considering the start. 

Let’s go Nets! 

… Fuck the Knicks!!! (Al Patron note: RELAX BRO)


Thank Griddy It’s Friday!

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