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T.G.I.F. (Thank Griddy It's Friday) Vol. 7 by BK Nets Superfan @griddy

T.G.I.F. (Thank Griddy It's Friday) Vol. 7 by BK Nets Superfan @griddy

Our team hasn’t been good enough to host a Xmas game for the last few seasons. This year is no different. In fact, this is the worst season I’ve witnessed. In the beginning my optimism led me to believe that without Deron Williams, the energy would be different which would lead to a similar if not better season for us. I WAS WRONG. I also assumed that Brook Lopez would now take the next step into elite status with what would be required of him as far as the number 1 guy. I WAS WRONG.  Not only was I wrong, I was delusional the entire time

Brook is not it. Brook is a great guy and a very good player but he is NOT the guy we should be building around. We can’t kid ourselves anymore. As a leader, he is supposed to make the team as well as himself better. I do understand that this roster is mediocre (if that). I do understand that we do not have a point guard that can orchestrate the offense smoothly. However, if anyone should stand out, even it were just piling stats in losses, it should be Brook Lopez. I don’t trust the ball in his hands for more than 3 seconds. I’m certain he is very intelligent guy but his basketball IQ has to be top 5 worst in the league. His passing ability is that of a third grader. His basketball instincts are HORRIBLE. For such a big guy, he seems to be afraid of contact which would explain his horrible rebounding. This also explains why he has a hard time fighting out of double teams. Let alone, recognizing them as they form.  He wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight. Andre Drummond has more double doubles in 2 seasons than Brook has in his 8 year career. That’s unacceptable.  This isn’t the attitude we need in Brooklyn. Brook is good but he is the reason we are considered the most boring team in the NBA. As the face of the Nets, he is the reason the fans aren’t connecting to this franchise. I thought he had Tim Duncan potential but Tim’s basketball I.Q makes him a million times better. Duncan is far from a tough guy but he understands basketball is a physical sport. He understands all the fundamentals of the game. Passing, rebounding, box-outs. He knows what smart shots. Brook knows none of that and I’m muhfuckin tiyad.

Brooklyn is waiting for a team we can connect to. We need that one player we can connect to. We want hustle and toughness. Thad Young and Rondae Hollis Jefferson are players that fit the Brooklyn mold. Shane we can appreciate. 

I am not a big Xmas guy, and I usually don’t ask for much but I do have some Xmas requests that I’d love for you guys to fulfill.

1.       Please trade Joe Johnson. For ANYONE that can shoot, play defense and/or run up and down the court. A player that has 2 of these 3 skills will suffice. Watching Joe and Lopez on the court together is like watching Titanic movie in slow motion. 

2.       Please trade Brook Lopez for something tough. Maybe we can package a deal for Dwight Howard and Patrick Beverley? Hopefully Cousins gets traded and Rondo becomes available?

3.       3. Jack is a good dude, but we need to upgrade that position IMMEDIATELY. I would say keep him for the bench but I want to see Shane Larkin continue to be our back up PG for the time being.

4.       Ryan Anderson may be available; can we use him to stretch the floors instead of Bargnani?

5.       Oh yeah, STOP PLAYING BARGNANI! RELEASE OR TRADE HIM, PLEASE!!! I do not want to see this man on the court anymore. Brook and Bargnani have to be the slowest, softest Center combo ever. GET RID OF HIM.

If we are trying not to look like bozos for not having a pick after the worst season in Brooklyn, we need to make these changes. Brooklyn needs a team we can relate to. A team we can connect with. We want to see some hustlers. We want grit. Not polite guys and snails running up and down the court.  Give us some damn excitement. We are in New York, dammit. This boring ass team led by Brook Lopez is torture! I’d love for him to succeed but we can’t wait on his progression anymore.  



-Annoyed Fan.



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