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The Accident by @Love_Chan

The Accident by @Love_Chan

I need to report an accident.

I was going home and he just came out of nowhere.

I was trying to slow down but we were going too fast. I looked over towards the car then all of a sudden, we just crashed.

We were in different lanes but he merged and I followed. I intended to just stop but mistook the break for the throttle.

This was going on for miles before the accident took place. I should have turned right but I had to see his face.

I just had to meet the driver. I had to win this race.

Block after block, slowing down and speeding up. Seems like we were both looking for something but neither of us would say what.

No cars in sight, no homes on these streets. Red light, Green light, stop, go and repeat.

We did this over and over, not sure of what our destination is. I wanted to go home but somehow I ended up like this.

In a ball of twisted metal, burning rubber and broken glass, the crazy thing about it is no one was injured in this crash.

I got out to check on him as he got out to check on me. No bumps, no bruises, no trauma that could be seen.

As we stood there looking at each other in awe, we took a minute to look back but couldn’t recognize either car.

Everything was a blur, I couldn’t understand this mess. I tried to remain strong throughout this heart wrenching test.

Paramedics rushed the scene, we put up a good fight. We both locked eyes and wished each other a good night.

Two hearts no longer broken, cold or torn, the connection grew stronger, faster and warm.

Though accidents happen, not all are in vain. We dusted it all off and together, we rid each other of previous pain.

A new found love, a dozen blossoming roses, so glad to start this journey before the iron door closes.

R&B Lonely Gaze by @Al_Patron

R&B Lonely Gaze by @Al_Patron

Verses Vol. 2 - What's Love Got To Do With It? by @ACaseOnline

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