Issue 1 - Spring '16

Issue 1 - Spring '16


*FREE OF CHARGE* The 1st issue of OPUS Mag serves as a look at a few familiar faces, such as Ye Ali, and ones you should get familiar with, such as JaVe Bonner. From music artists who paint pictures with words, to artists who leave you at a loss for them with paint. 

Features include an in depth look at one of the hottest basketball tournaments on the scene right now with Hoops Showdown. You've heard of Henny Palooza, now take a shot of how it all began and where it's headed. Get your garment game together with an inside look at High You Clothing.

We cover everything from sports and music to medicine. Highlighting women doing great things in the culinary field to those feeding the culture in other ways.

This isn't that clickbait they feed you. This is that home cooked, seasoned food for thought and inspiration for you to feast on. We'll even do the dishes for you; for the FREE.

OPUS - Original Pens Uniquely Structured | Far From Timid


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