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Album Review: Birds in the Trap Sing Brian McKnight

Album Review: Birds in the Trap Sing Brian McKnight

Is it still Travis $cott still or did he decide to drop the $? Whatever he decided, the music he puts out is still amazing. With his signature eerie beats, but all different sounds throughout the album, BITTSMK is up for debate to be one of the best albums to come out in 2016 so far. My first listen was off of streaming, which didn’t show any of the features. So it came as a surprise when I heard the artist he got on most of these songs.

The first track, The Ends starts off slow and then suddenly picks up with a faster paced beat and the flow to match. Great song to introduce the album because it pretty much gives the theme of the rest of the album. The surprise feature on this is none other than Andre 3stacks. He fit perfectly well on this song, doesn’t feel misplaced at all. He made the song even greater because he decided to bless the beat. We all know Andre 3000 comes with a verse every couple of years like he’s The Rock making an appearance on WWE.

Second track, Way Back makes an excellent transition from the first song. With sounds from Swizz Beatz and a hum here and there from Kid Cudi, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this song. I even think I heard a Thugger…excuse me, Jeffery adlib or two in there. Even though there is said to be features on this song, Travis ends up holding his own on this song, as he should.

Going into the third track one would assume they know what to expect by now…wrong. Starts off with Blac Youngsta talking his normal IGNANT shit to gear you up for what’s to come next. Coordinate describes what he pairs with is rock star skinnies (jeans). What he basically has go with these stylish jeans are drugs of course, which I wouldn’t expect anything different coming from Mr. Scott.  What I liked most about this song was the Future flow he used for a brief moment. It didn’t sound forced or anything.

4th song, Through the Late Night features no one other than Mr. Scott Mescudi himself. It starts off with some classic Cudi hums (yes, he’s probably the king of humming on a track). Travis Scott starts his verse off with paying homage to Cudder by using the flow and even some words from Day N Nite, with his own twist on it. This is probably a top 3 song for me off of the album because I’m such a big fan of Kid Cudi.

Biebs In the Trap, my goodness where do I start? This song is amazing also, definitely my personal favorite off this album. First 3 listens I swore it was The Biebs himself because of the title of course. I thought it was Bugatti Biebs (nickname provided by @Lew_Muhnotty) in his final form. Turns out it ends up being Canadian super producer/rapper, Nav. He did a great job on this song though, I wouldn’t mind exploring into Nav’s discography. Travis comes on right after with his verse that includes lots of background melodies.

Track 6 is the Sdp Interlude. Sdp stands for smoke something, drink something, and pop one. This sounds a bit different from the previous songs. It’s a bit more slowed down and chill. Cassie is the vocals behind it, which is amazing seeing as how I can’t recall the last time I’ve heard her on a song.

Track number 7 is called Sweet Sweet. It’s about him wanting to be with or around this woman because of how sweet she is to him, but he’s unable to because all she wants to do is cocaine. I feel this song 100% because nobody wants to be around a woman who plays with her nose, trust me.

Number 8, Outside is the song you’re listening to on the way to the club with your homies drinking a Fifth of Henny ready for the action. The song is actually perfect because after hearing it you may not even wanna go inside the club, just do as the song says and post up outside, lurking. 21 Savage caught me by surprise on this one; he floated right along with the beat, adding his own gritty style.

9, Goosebumps had to of been named after hearing the beat because that’s exactly what it’ll give you off of first listen. He takes talking about love and drugs to another level. Kendrick Lamar makes an appearance on this, which enhances the track with his fast flow and then switching it up with a little singing. The way he sings may come off weird to some at first, but after a few listens you’ll see that it makes sense.

First Take is another love song, but at a slower tempo from the rest of the songs that were before this one. He talks about the woman he was with at the moment wasn’t there for him like he was or would’ve been for her. So they parted ways and he’s still thinking about her. Young Tiller was the perfect feature for this type of song as he’s the king at wanting to get the woman back that he thought lost love for.

The 10th track, Pick Up the Phone is a good transition after listening to First Take. He wants this woman to answer her phone even though she had did him wrong countless times. Young Thug and Quavo make it a trio, adding some of their Atlanta sound to it.

Lose, is basically self explanatory, he has all this shit he’s accumulated over the past few years from his success and it’s a scary feeling thinking about it all going away. This will have you thinking about not taking all that you have for granted and keep working because it all can be gone tomorrow.

Now, Guidance is probably the most different sounding song on Birds Sing in the Trap. It’s like a mixture of dance hall and his sound in one. It’s just a different type of energy. As of right now I’m not too much of a fan of this song, but I won’t doubt that it’ll grow on me.

The last track of the album is Wonderful, featuring none other than The Weeknd. This one is about dealing with women who dance like strippers, but they’re far from it. With them having previous collaborations before, but this one tops them all. You can tell they’ve grown with each other over the years.

At the end of this album you’ll be fully satisfied with how Travis delivered and all of the people he brought along to help him. The Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight is thorough and enjoyable from beginning to end. For the most part, you won’t have to worry about skipping not one track. Thank you Travis Scott for such an amazing project.

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