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Music: Nat Brat's New Music Friday Vol. 1

Music: Nat Brat's New Music Friday Vol. 1

"Oh, you like music? Me, too," said the random guy in my DMs. 

After I blocked him because he didn't RT my Fine Women Friday post, I created this list for your enjoyment. Since seventy percent of my tweets are song lyrics I figured I'd make a few suggestions for the people I love the most... 

Disclaimer: If you graduated from Full Sail or stood next to Diddy's VIP section I... do... not... care.

Bop, twerk, share...  because #ISSABOPTWERKSHARE list...

10. Your Song - Rita Ora

“And then we make love right there on your best friend’s couch…” Summer plans, anyone? If they don’t let a little bit of this play at brunch they ain’t real. *aggressive shoulder bops*

9. Homie Bitch - Lil Durk, Quavo, Lil Yachty

I admit it. I felt some kind of way at first listen. Durk and Quavo said they fell in love with their ‘homie bitch’ and I was torn. Do I twerk or protest? The womanist in me wanted to be offended so bad. HOWEVER… the hood rat, the little girl from the block, the bird twerking on the back of my brother’s truck on 75N pushed that offense to the side and playlisted it. It’s a whole bop! *reassures bae I’ll never lie to him* 

8. Can I Be Him – James Arthur

Did you say acoustic? Yes, please. The lyrics, the instruments… share this with your crush and shoot your shot. 

7. Say Yes – Honors

*sips Jameson, bites edible* Yes.

6. Shadow Step – Hillsong United

Because… I love the LORD. Duh. You really can’t go wrong when you start your day with Hillsong United. Add this to the list of contemporary Christian songs you play before you switch to your 'trap or die' playlist.

5. Heebiejeebies – Amine, Kehlani

Remember when we used to spend hours assigning ringtones and trying to catch songs on the radio so that we could record them on our tape player. No, just me? Well, this song is worth that effort. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a Kehlani collab.

4. Wearing Nothing – Dagny

I don’t like to wear clothes around bae, either. Twinsies! It gives off 'Abercrombie, Hollister entrance music' vibes but if you can look pass that it’s a cool little summer bop.

3. Blueprint – Ferry Corsten

Who is this? Is it happening? Did another life form finally find a way to land on Earth?

2. Droptopwop - GUCCI MANE

Do I really need to say why? Do I?

1. Droptopwop – GUCCI MANE

Seriously, do I?

#ISSASEMIBOP but not so bop-ish that I'll play it if I get the aux cord...

5. Teenage Emotions – Lil Yachty

I was ready to vibe with Lil Yachty for the weekend. Honestly. Truly. I didn’t even skip to the songs with features. I gave each song a sincere, genuine, open-minded listen. HOWEVER, by the time Migos tried to make me play Peek A Boo and Lil Yachty talked about my little sister and my aunty in Dirty Mouth I was undone. Maybe it’s time I retire to 30 and up Twitter because I don’t understand. Three bops that helped it make the #ISSASEMIBOP list: Harley, Say My Name, and Forever Young with DiploBonus: Running With A Ghost featuring Grace

4. True to Self – Bryson Tiller

Bryson is serving us TRAPSOUL 2.0 and in my most Joseline Hernandez voice… I cannot. The lyrics of You Got It say something like “I don’t do this on the usual” and yes, yes you do Bryson. You did this in 2015. The only reason True to Self didn’t make #ISSANO is I fucks with Bryson on some Exchange still gives me the feels type shit. *plays Exchange for a real nigga*

3. Mask Off Remix – Future, KendrickLamar

Did we plan to do this all of summer seventeen OR…? *looks around, bites edible*

2. Strangers – Halsey

That beat though! This is dedicated to all of the women I’ll hug a little too long this summer. I mean… she started the song with “she doesn’t kiss me on the mouth anymore” …If that isn’t a little bop worthy, what is? @ me. I want to know. 

1. Stay with You – Cheat Codes, CADE

At 0:56 you’ll understand why this isn’t a no. My reactive body rolls could not be contained. You can stay Zaddy, you can stay. *blushes*

#ISSANO but if you're into that sort of thing...

5. Remember I Told You – Nick Jonas, Anne-Marie, Mike Posner

Nick, what are you doing? I still don’t know. I was annoyed. Unlike Cheat Codes, Nick and them cannot stay. I don’t want to remember the time I spent trying to enjoy this.

4. There for You – Martin Garrix, Troye Sivan

Way too I want to be more Bieber than boy band for my liking. I’m still trying to figure out what I listened to that prompted Spotify to send this my way. We don’t deserve this Carly Jepsen meets Katy Perry meets One Direction mash up. *blank stares in offense*

3. Glow Up – Meek Mill

I imagine this was recorded for a very specific demographic…

2. Neimans Barneys – Cousin Stizz


1. Power – Little Mix Feat. Stormzy

*blank stares in ‘I don’t know either’* Y’all know Power is coming back on June 25thright?!


Listen and let me know what you think. Nat Brat out.

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