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Silence Punk, SILENCE! Vol. 1 | Swizz Beatz Mix

Silence Punk, SILENCE! Vol. 1 | Swizz Beatz Mix

Swizz Beatz is my favorite producer of all time, in any genre (as if hip hop isn't the most important genre ever). With all the accolades & fanfare he may receive, I sincerely believe he is severely underrated and is the definition of a genius. He made his way into our ears at 19 years old, which means he was perfecting his craft way before that. No one man should be able to hear all these sounds in his head at 1 time but he's not a man, he's Swizz Beatz da MONSTA.

Some of Swizz' best beats (I barely touched the year 2000, relax your limbs when you talk bout Swizz): 

  1. Ruff Ryders Anthem - DMX
  2. Banned from TV - N.O.R.E. feat. Nature, Big Pun, Killa Cam & L.O.X. (Jada/Styles)
  3. Money, Cash, Hoes - Jay-Z feat. DMX
  4. Down Bottom - Drag-On feat. Juvenile 
  5. Gotta Man - Eve
  6. Memphis Bleek Is... - Memphis Bleek 
  7. Wild Out - L.O.X.
  8. Keep Your Shit the Hardest - DMX
  9. Blackout - DMX feat. L.O.X. & Jay-Z
  10. Fuck You - L.O.X.
  11. What Ya Want - Eve feat. Nokio
Authentic | Samples Mix

Authentic | Samples Mix