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Video Review: Kat Capone Takes on Mental Health with Stay

Video Review: Kat Capone Takes on Mental Health with Stay

Very seldom is it that mental health gets spoken about in music. Not that people don’t think it’s important, but mental health is still one of those things people always respond to with, “Meh.” Aside from that, depression is still considered a “taboo” topic that people usually try to steer the conversation away from whenever it gets brought up.

As someone who has struggled with depression in the past & has essentially learned how to live with it rather than fight it, I will always be one of the first people to express how important mental health is to each & every one of us. Especially in this day & age, where we absorb information at such a rapid pace, it’s not often that we get a moment to digest the information & get a chance to decompress. We’re always expected to be on top of our game & knowledgeable with everything that’s happening around you. If you’re not? Well, you pretty much get left behind.

In her latest music video, Stay, Kat Capone reaches out to those who the struggle of depression is all too familiar with. Taking you through her very own journey, showing you many instances of what it’s like to live with depression. By the end of the song, Kat brings the whole story full circle & shows viewers how she saved her own life through the battle as she beautifully sings, “Just look in the mirror, & find a way. I’m begging you to choose to stay.”

Look, depression isn’t something that can be sugarcoated. There’s no possible way to make the conversation about mental health a lighthearted conversation. However, a lighthearted conversation isn’t the conversation mental health or depression deserve because it must be talked about with utmost sincerity & seriousness. We all need to do a better job at taking care of ourselves. Far often is it too easy to fall into the conundrum of all the distractions in life. I know it’s fun to live life at its fullest 100% of the time but, please don’t forget to take some time out for yourself to just allow your mind to reset itself. Go for a walk/run, go for a bike ride, or do as I often like to do, sit in silence & just let thoughts come & go (meditate).

Those of you who have either gone through the battle of depression or are currently going through it right now, you are never alone. Hell, let this article serve as a helping hand if you need one & feel free to reach out to me. If all else fails & you truly feel like you are the bottom of it all, please, call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Someone will always have your back. Check out the video below, and a written message from Kat Capone herself. 

“This world is a puzzle made up of over 7 billion pieces, and if just one piece is missing, the puzzle is incomplete. Everyone has their place in this world.

You matter. We need you here. We need each other. Don't leave.

Whenever people commit suicide, we wonder what we could have done to save them, we wonder if we contributed to their depression, and we wonder why we didn't see it. The most depressed people walk around with a smile on their face reminding YOU to smile. It's never one thing that leads someone to that point; it's a combination of events, people, emotions, self-hate, and more. People always say "I wish they would've just called me" but the truth is, when you want to take your life, you don't want to be stopped and so you're not going to call anyone. If you love someone, just take the time to constantly remind them how much they mean to you and that you're always there even if it's 4am and they just want a hug and some French fries. Trust me when I tell you, someone who is serious about suicide will never tell you unless they end up in the hospital and have no choice but to explain themselves.

So just spread love wherever you can to whomever you can. Try complimenting a stranger or 2 today.

All we can do is remind each other that we're here and that we care.

The song lyrics ... "young girl, don't cry, I'll be right here when your world starts to fall..." saved me. I'm still here because of it. Because of @xtina. Because of music. Now I get to share my music.

This video... this song is my story, and if you can relate I want you to know that I'm here when you feel like no one else is.

And this song will still be here even when I'm not.” – Kat Capone

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